Sunday, 31 August 2014

August Instagram Round Up!


Here is my monthly Instagram Round Up taken from my personal Instagram.

1. Hoe Harbour Lighthouse- When  I took a visit to Plymouth on holiday, we went to Hoe Harbour (Yes, it really is called Hoe!)
2. My feet in the sand when I was on holiday in Cornwall.
3. I received new American Horror Story jewellery from Horror Stop. A post on them will be coming soon!
4. OOTD- skull netted tights and my holographic boots from Boohoo.
5. Nail art! Post on those nails coming soon!
6. Four selfies! I never ever take that many selfies usually but you know when you're having a good hair day or really proud of your make up and you just want everyone to see? Yeah, that happened.

If you'd like to follow me on Instagram, my personal one is @BrionyBea and the one for this blog is @SincerelyBrionyBea.

What is your Instagram? Let me know!

Friday, 29 August 2014

Empties #1


So this is my first empties post! It seemed I was finishing these products all at the same time so it seemed silly not to make a post out of it!

1) Impulse Very Pink- Smells a lovely smell that I can't quite put my finger on. It's a shame Impulse body sprays never last that long!
2) Natural Collection Green Skin Corrector Stick- I go through these like nobody's business! I use these underneath every make up look to cancel out redness (my skin has a lot of it) and it works a treat!
3) The Body Shop Tea Tree Squeaky-Clean Scrub- I have been using this facial scrub in the shower twice a week since Christmas and I have only just finished it! A lovely scrub for those of you with blemished skin and acne like me!
4) Lush Happy Hippy Shower Gel- I absolutely love this shower gel and I am sad I have finished it! To see my review of it, click here.

That's my first empties post! Do you use any of these products? What product have you finished? Let me know!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Managing Pressure

Throughout our lives we can sometimes face a lot of pressure and stress. Whether this may be from education, work, family or through the pressure we put on our selves. So how can we manage pressure?

  • Manage Your Time:

Identify your best time of day. Are you a morning person or a night person? Figure out your best time of day and dedicate those times to doing tasks that require concentration or energy.

Make a list of things you have to do. Making a list of everything you need to do puts down visually how much you need to do and helps your mind feel more organised. You can list them in order of importance too. After you've done tasks you can then cross them off so you have the satisfaction of achieving something and crossing something off of your list! This particularly helps me.

Try to vary your tasks in the day. Vary dull jobs with interesting ones, boring tasks with easier ones. 

Try not to do too many things at once. Overloading yourself with things to do can make you become very stressed, tired and hate the things you have to do even more so. Strike a balance between tasks you need to do and relaxing to help keep your mind at ease.

  • Relax:
Give yourself time to do things that you enjoy. You need to give yourself leisurely time and give yourself a break. Read a book, watch YouTube videos- whatever it is that you enjoy. 

Socialise. It is important to make time for your friends and do things with them. Being around other people you enjoy being around will help give relief from pressure and help you feel happy.

Have a change of scenery. Go for a walk to clear your head, get fresh air and relax. Exercise is a great way to help you feel better. Or even so, why don't you take a change of scenery as far as having a day out or go on holiday? These will give you a break that you deserve from tasks and prepares you to go back to your tasks with a clear mind.

One thing we must all do is to learn to accept things that we cannot change. There are boring tasks we need to do in life that we cannot help and they need to get done. However, you can change your attitude towards it. Just think- if you get that task done as soon as possible then it isn't on your mind and you can forget about it and move on to greater things! Don't led pressure over power you.

Source: Charity: Mind

What do you do to relax and relieve pressure? Let me know!

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Benefit Gimme Brow!

Hello guys!
This review has been a long time coming. I have had this product since April and it has taken me until now to review it. But at least I have had months of use to really be able to analyse it!
So this is what the product looks like including the packaging:

My immediate worry was how small it was. In all the reviews and videos I had seen it in previously I never realised how small it was! Although this concerned me, I am still using it months later and it has not ran out.
Benefit's Gimme Brow is a water-resistant brush on fibre gel that claims to not only adhere to your hairs but also to your skin to give you fuller-looking brows and fill in where any sparse missing hairs may be. As someone who always had a battle with plucking, this is definitely what I needed. I needed a product that would fill in the spaces and make them look both fuller and more sculpted.

The brush is very small which I believe is great for brows. I first of all like to run it along the lengths of my eyebrows and then run it in an upwards motion at the beginning of my eyebrows where I desperately need the product to fill in the gaps. Afterwards I then like to get an eyebrow brush and brush through them and then just use my fingers to put my eyebrows in the final position that I like.

It took me a lot of practise to use it. For well over a month I kept constantly getting the product above/underneath my brows or a clump of it would go in my eyebrow and I'd have to use a cotton bud to get it out. This was always annoying and even now I occasionally get some on my face. 

Despite that problem, the product is great. It is a similar colour to my eyebrow colour and makes my eyebrows look more sculpted and arched when in actual fact I don't have arched or very well sculpted eyebrows at all! It certainly does a good job at filling in for sparse areas where you have been at war with plucking. 

I have read many reviews where people like to use this brow gel with other eyebrow products but I much prefer to use it alone. I like my eyebrows to look natural and nobody ever guesses that I use an eyebrow product. It does everything I want it to do plus keeps the hairs in place so what's the point in using other brow products?

This was my first Benefit product and first eyebrow product and overall I am very impressed. Would I buy it again? Yes...if I had the money. A major downfall for it is that it is quite expensive (perhaps that is only in my opinion) at £17.50 which is the only thing that would hold me off buying again. I'd like to try and find cheaper options but if I cannot find any or I had the money to spend then I would buy it again. 

Benefit Gimme Brow is available in two shades: light/medium (basically blonde) and medium/deep (brunette). As a natural brunette I chose medium/deep.

Have you used Benefit Gimme Brow? Let me know what you think of it!

Monday, 18 August 2014

The Best Student Handbag/Tote Bag!


As a student I need to have a big, sturdy bag that can fit multiple textbooks and papers inside of it. On the other hand I also want a bag that is stylish and suits my personality. On top of this I also need a fairly reasonable price as we aren't made of money!

Well here is the answer! The Avery Studded Double Pocket Tote Bag from Boohoo.

This bag suits me perfectly. I absolutely love studs and the colour black so when I came across this bag I instantly fell in love! It is the perfect size for carrying around books and has a lot of space for much more. There are two big zip up pockets on the front to hold things and two above them which are longer yet thinner. Another big zip up pocket is found on the inside, along with another pocket on the inside and a smaller one for your phone. Sounds perfect!

Even better, I only had to pay £8.99 as it is on sale from £17.99! Bargain! 

I have already had lots of use from this bag. I found it was perfect to take to the beach with me as it held my beach towel and everything else I needed. Then, I took it on holiday with me which was great to carry round my holiday essentials. Plus today I went to the library and it was perfect for carrying all my library books home!

I am super impressed with this bag and would definitely recommend it to students or those of you who need to carry laptops, notebooks etc.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

YouTubers #1: LetzMakeup


Seeing as I watch a lot of YouTubers and have been for about 4 years now I have decided that I will regularly share YouTubers that I watch that I'd recommend to you.

My first post will be about Shiv from

Siobhan is a lovely make up artist from Ireland (with an awesome Irish accent) and makes multiple videos a week. She creates a lot of make up related videos such as make up tutorials, reviewing make up products and hauls.
What I love about her is that she doesn't stick to drugstore or high end up products and instead has a balanced mixed of both on her channel. Furthermore she seems like a very down to earth person who always has tips and tricks for you seeing as she is a professional after all!

Siobhan also has a blog which goes under the same name.

From the making of this post she has 166,557 subscribers but she deserves so many more! She is certainly one of my favourite beauty YouTubers and is currently one of my favourite YouTubers in general to watch.

Do you watch her? Or will you check her out now? Let me know!

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Current Scrub: Soap&Glory The Scrub of Your Life


Currently, I am using Soap&Glory The Scrub of Your Life as my body scrub. I like to use it at least twice a week, specifically just before shaving.

On the most part, I like this scrub. There is a lot in there, you don't have to use a lot and it does the job well of removing dead skin. As I said above I like to use it before I shave and I believe it helps give a better shave and prevents ingrown hairs. Furthermore I have found that I get a lot less dry skin on my arms now than I used to.

The exfoliant particles are also pink in colour which match the colour of the packaging; making it one of those small minor things that make the product even nicer.

The only problem for me really is the smell. I know the scrub doesn't claim to have a particular scent or anything but it just isn't overall pleasant. I am not saying it is unbearable or that it smells really badly, I am just saying the smell isn't super appealing. However this is only a little fault that I can find with the scrub which is really good as a review goes.

Overall I like this scrub and I will continue using it. I probably won't buy it again as I would like to try other scrubs and I have already got an ultimate favourite (Scrub Scrub Scrub from Lush) but if I was running out of products to try I'd definitely buy it again. I would also buy it for a gift for someone.

Have you used it? What do you think? Let me know!

Sunday, 10 August 2014

New Look Circular Sunglasses!


I wanted to quickly share with you my new sunglasses I purchased from New Look for a decent price of £4.99. They are certainly in trend right now and I have been wanting a circular pair like that for ages! I absolutely love them and I love how they look on me too. Even my boyfriend complimented them and said they look great on me! Now that's saying something. 

Are you on the bandwagon with this trend? Let me know!

Friday, 8 August 2014

LUSH Happy Hippy Shower Gel Review!


I'd like to review my current shower gel for you which is from Lush called Happy Hippy.

The shower gel is the scent of grapefruit and can be bought in three different sizes: 

  • 100g for £3.50
  • 250g for £6.95
  • 500g for £11.50

As you can tell that is quite expensive for shower gel, especially £3.50 for a travel sized shower gel like mine.

Apart from the annoying price which all of Lush's shower gels have, I absolutely love it. It has such a strong, fresh and zesty grapefruit scent which lingers on your skin. I think this is a perfect smell for Summer and is nice and refreshing when you're feeling all hot and bothered from the heat. 


  • Different size range
  • Smallest size great for travelling
  • Refreshing summery and zesty grapefruit scent
  • Smell lingers on your skin


  • Pricey
Overall I absolutely love the shower gel and will definitely be taking it on holiday with me. However, I don't love it enough to spend that kind of money on shower gel. Perhaps though I would buy the smallest size as part as a gift to a friend! I'd recommend it if you don't mind the price.

Have you used it? Let me know!

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Haul~ Sleek, Boohoo, H&M, New Look, Debenhams & Next


I bought quite a few things in the month of July from various places so I want to share them with you here.

  • The bag is from and I bought it because I needed a new bag for Sixth Form which would be large enough to fit A4 textbooks in it. This was perfect! A blog post on it will be coming soon.
  • I also desperately needed sunglasses and settled for a circular pair from New Look. A post will be coming soon!
  • From Boots I bought myself a Sleek I-Divine Palette and I chose the Storm palette. I have had my eye on these palettes for so long! Review coming soon!
  • From Next I bought myself two matching plunge bras from Next for £20, one in nude and the other in black. I really love these and they have such a nice lacey pattern!
  • The shorts came from H&M. They are drawstring ones which were only £4! They kind of look like a skirt when on and I bought them because I thought they were perfect to pull on over bikini bottoms when on the beach or beside the pool.
  • Finally, I bought a bikini top from Debenhams. It is a lovely bikini top complimentary to small boobs and that aims to make them look bigger. A blog post coming soon!

As you can see I have many

posts coming up on these so make sure you keep an eye on the blog! 
What do you think? Let me know!

Monday, 4 August 2014

July Favourites!


Here are my favourites for the month of July:

1. New Look Circle Sunglasses: I love these! I have been wearing them pretty much everyday ever since I bought them. 
2. Collection Lasting Perfection Powder: This has been my life saver during the heat! Read my review for it here.
3. Lush Happy Hippy Shower Gel: Review coming soon! It is so fresh and lovely for summer.
4. Soap & Glory The Scrub of Your Life: Review coming soon! Perfect to use before shaving.
5. Maybelline Colour Tattoo Eyeshadow Ever Lasting Navy: I have fallen back in love with it; it is so complimentary to my blue eyes! Read my review for it here.

Those are my favourites! What were your favourites? Let me know!

Saturday, 2 August 2014

July Instagram Round Up!


Here is my monthly Instagram round up. Please note this is from my personal Instagram and not my Blog Instagram.
Personal Instagram: @BrionyBea (click it!)
Blog Instagram: @SincerelyBrionyBea (click it!)

1. My netted tights I have been absolutely loving in the month of July when it is too warm for tights but not warm enough for shorts!
2. Videos from my brother's army day including apache helicopters and their parade marching.
3. My friend is moving to Australia so we had a leaving party!
4. My watermelon nail art which I made a post about recently!
5. I dyed my hair a blackcurrant colour and I abolutely love it!
6. A selfie with my new circle sunglasses from New Look.
7. Shopping haul! (post coming soon)
8. Models Own Nails!
9. A photo of me and my boyfriend Shane when we went on a day trip to the seaside!
10. TAP into the good life- a top for all tap dancers!

What is your instagram? Let me know!