Sunday, 31 August 2014

August Instagram Round Up!


Here is my monthly Instagram Round Up taken from my personal Instagram.

1. Hoe Harbour Lighthouse- When  I took a visit to Plymouth on holiday, we went to Hoe Harbour (Yes, it really is called Hoe!)
2. My feet in the sand when I was on holiday in Cornwall.
3. I received new American Horror Story jewellery from Horror Stop. A post on them will be coming soon!
4. OOTD- skull netted tights and my holographic boots from Boohoo.
5. Nail art! Post on those nails coming soon!
6. Four selfies! I never ever take that many selfies usually but you know when you're having a good hair day or really proud of your make up and you just want everyone to see? Yeah, that happened.

If you'd like to follow me on Instagram, my personal one is @BrionyBea and the one for this blog is @SincerelyBrionyBea.

What is your Instagram? Let me know!

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