Friday, 27 December 2013

Christmas Day Make Up

Hey BumbleBeas,

I thought I'd show you all my make up from Christmas day :-) I used lipstick and eyeliner I received for Christmas.

The lipstick is by L'oreal Paris and is No, 461. It has such a stunning gold case which I think makes it look ever so appealing! In addition the colour and strength of the red is beautiful and I absolutely love it.

The liquid eyeliner is also L'oreal Paris and is called Super Liner. I found the eyeliner super easy to use and found it quicker than I do with other eyeliners to do my make up without making mistakes. However, despite how easy it was to use it kept smudging on to the skin above my eyelid so I had to keep checking it throughout the day which was highly annoying. Bittersweet really.
Did you have a nice Christmas? What did you get? What did you do for your make up?

Ace of Spades

Hey BumbleBeas!

I just wanted to show you my beautiful new stockings from which I received for Christmas. They are red knee-high stockings with card suits all over them. But the best thing about them is that they have a bow at the top of each stocking with an ace of spades card on each. They're a fun extra little something which make these stockings stand out. I'd wear them everyday if I could!

Outfit of the Day

Hey BumbleBeas!

Unfortunately, my Internet at home as died hence why I haven't posted in days. Even more annoyingly I won't have it working until at least Tuesday! I am able to post this as I am at my Dad's house using his Internet.

Anyway, I've decided to post my first outfit of the day from items of clothing I got for Christmas.
This is a vest top from
It is Ariel from Disney's the Little Mermaid but tattooed and pierced. I love this top because I really like alternative versions of Disney Princesses and already have a zombified Ariel top. My favourite thing about this is that all of her tattoos relate to the sea, as for an example, a tattoo of a pirate ship. 

I paired the Ariel top with these beautiful leggings from which evidently have Frankenstein and his wife all over them. I really like these leggings and I am sure I will be wearing them frequently.

Finally, I put on my lovely new boots from which I am actually obsessed with. I really like how chunky looking they are and the buckles on the side. The chunky heels make me much more taller!

So that's it. What do you think of my outfit for today? What is your favourite item of clothing?

Thursday, 19 December 2013

My Christmas Nails

Hey BumbleBeas!

As seen in one of my previous posts I showed you some of my favourite Christmas nail designs. I would like to now show you some that I have done this year, two of which on me and one for my sister!

The first thing I did as a little practice was doing snowflakes on my nails:
But a week later I then did my proper Christmas nails! I didn't follow a tutorial for this and instead just made it up as I went along. What do you think of them?
Finally, I did these on my sister's nails. As you can see she has VERY small nails so it was hard for me to find something nice to do! Finally I settled on polka dots and candy canes.

What have you done for your nails this Christmas? Let me know!

Winter Tag!

 Top 2 Winter Beauty Essentials
My Top 2 Winter beauty essentials both come from Lush actually!
  • Bubblegum Lip Scrub: a yummy girly lip scrub that's natural and great for exfoliating the rough skin from your lips. I have been using this an entire year now and it still hasn't finished- it is fantastic!
  • Dream Cream Hand and Body Cream: The best product ever. I buy this religiously and even though it can perhaps be seen as a bit pricey at £10 it is fantastic for those with eczema or extremely sensitive skin (like me). Nothing has worked for sensitive skin like this cream has! I will continue to use it FOREVER.

❄ Top 2 Winter Fashion Essentials
Boots and a jumper! Right now I am really digging my studded boots with fur inside from New Look which I also had last year along with my knitted skull jumper from PunkyFish which I also used last winter too. Great for keeping warm and fashionable when you are out!
❄ What shoes do you tend to wear the most in the winter?
Studded, spiked, black boots. Always.
❄ Favourite Winter Accessory
Fingerless gloves that are great for keeping your hands warm yet still giving you the ability to do things. Right now I am sporting fingerless blue gloves with mittens on and on the mittens is a cat's face! I think they are from Accessorize but I am not entirely sure.
❄ Favourite Winter Nail Polish
In my eyes, every nail polish is for every season! Really digging sky blue polishes at the moment as it reminds me of when the sun comes through on a cold winter morning.
❄ Hot Cocoa or Apple Cider?
Hot chocolate definitely!
❄ Favourite Winter Candle?
I don't do candles, sorry!
❄ Snowboarding or Skiing?
Neither because I suck and I don't like snow/ice (sorry not sorry!)
❄ Have you ever gone Ice Skating? Are you any good or do you FAIL miserably?
I went once. Never again. Worst experience ever!
❄ Does it snow where you live?
Yes! But not great amounts of it. 
❄ Have you ever made a snowman?
When I was much younger yes but we don't ever get enough snow to make a snowman.
❄ What holiday do you celebrate?
Christmas and New Year :D Christmas is my all time favourite as it is fun just to spend time with family and show your love for them through the gift of giving.
❄ Favourite Christmas/Holiday song?
I don't have one. Is that bad?
❄ Favourite Christmas/Holiday movie?
Of course, it has to be Elf!
❄ What is your favourite winter treat? (candy cane, gingerbread, etc…)
Mince pies! This year both me and my Nan have made it our mission to try out all the mince pies from all the supermarket brands and find out who has the best! ;)
❄ If you were to ask Santa for one thing and you were guaranteed to get it, what would it be? (even if you don’t celebrate Christmas)
An IQ+ drug that makes me sail through A Levels and University haha!
❄ Do you have anything fun planned for this winter?
Spend time with friends, family and my boyfriend. I strongly believe Christmas is the time to just relax, unwind and show your appreciation for people. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

PS- I tag !!!

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Sex Bomb Bath Bomb Review

Product: Sex Bomb bath bomb from
Rating: 8/10
Recommended for: Buying for your girlfriend or for yourself as a relaxing girly treat.
I used sex bomb so I could relax in the bath whilst reading my magazine. It fizzed out fairly quickly and turned the water a lovely shade of baby pink. What was also nice was that there is a little fake rose that floats about the bath. Eventually I pulled all the petals apart so I could have them floating about.
I really liked the bath bomb, however I didn’t like its smell that much or how it lingered on my skin. But it wasn’t too bad as I was in there for an hour and a quarter! Furthermore I’m not a very girly girl so this didn’t amaze me too much. Nevertheless, I would buy it again. If you’re looking to be romantic I highly recommend this bath bomb though!

*please note this review was written by me in February on a previous tumblr account of mine

Monday, 16 December 2013

Lush Cosmetics: Cosmetic Warrior Face Mask: Review

"This gentle face mask combats spots and soothes troubled skins. With antiseptic fresh garlic, tea tree essential oil, deep cleansing kaolin and antibacterial honey. Use it to banish breakouts"

Stars: 3.5/5
Cost: £5.95

This face mask is a mask designed to fight spoiling spots that put you down and just don't seem to go away. As someone as an unfortunate owner of acne, this was a mask I definitely wanted to try out.

Now, please note that this mask doesn't smell great. It isn't terrible, but it isn't designed to smell nice. It's designed to be the best force against spots that doesn't need other random things just to smell great. However, it is a bearable smell that you won't really notice and won't leave your face smelling, so don't worry!

From my own use of it, it doesn't prevent break outs. I've been using this mask pretty much every day and I am still getting my usual amount of annoying spots. HOWEVER, it does do a great job in shrinking them! I've found that if I use the mask in the evening, by the next morning my spots will have shrunk in size and that makes me damn happy.

Although you can only use the mask for a month and you have to keep it in the fridge, this only adds to how natural it is. It makes you feel better knowing they haven't put crappy stuff in it to preserve it! It is fresh ingredients which is so much better for your skin. PLUS, every mask I have used from Lush I NEVER finish it in a month so you're not going to run out!

I didn't give it full stars because of the consistency and how even though I see a reduce in size of spots, I don't see any change in the amount I get. As for the consistency, it is a runny, milky texture which I am not particularly fond of.

OVERALL, I would buy this face mask again, but only after I've tried many others! I think if you have a horrible spot and need to get rid of it ASAP you should definitely use this. But don't expect a drastic change in your face!

Thursday, 12 December 2013

My Wishlist

Hello Bumblebeas! is an online jewellery store selling absolutely gorgeous alternative jewellery mostly involving different types of beautiful rocks and stones. They are slightly on the expensive side for those who don't have a job (like me), but perfectly priced for those who have the cash to spend! But let me tell you- they're so damn worth it.The type of jewellery they sell is the type of jewellery that is 100% bound to gain you plenty of compliments and make a simple outfit look fab.

So what is on my RegalRose wishlist this Christmas? Although there is only two products I am asking for Christmas these definitely won't be my last pieces of jewellery from there.

1. Click here to take you to the link for the product.
Now, call me Satanic if you wish, but I adore this simple choker. It is definitely my kind of thing which I know isn't for everyone but I believe it is gorgeous. It would definitely add that 'darker chic' kind of look to anyone's outfit. Kind of hoping my boyfriend will get me this for Christmas! If you're interested they sell the same product but as a smaller pentagram at £12 I think it is if that is better for you.

2. Click here to take you to the link for the product.

Now this is just stunning. They have many necklaces like these but this one caught my eye the most as it reminds me of the galaxy. This is one of those necklaces that I'd wear with pretty much anything and every time I look at it I just want to drool! I know a friend who has one similar to this and she is always getting compliments on it. What a beauty!

Which is your favourite? What else do you like on there? Please check the store out; you will NOT regret it.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Top 3 Christmas Nail Art Video Ideas!

Hey BumbleBeas!

As someone who is a very avid nail art painter and loves to spend hours on them, I have found my fair share of decent Christmas nail art ideas this year. So I thought I would share them with you! This is a guide of my favourite YouTube videos for the best nail art ideas this Christmas.

1. CutePolish- Nail Art for Christmas: The Ultimate Guide!

^click on the link above to watch the video.

This is by far the best video for ideas there is. Cutepolish is my favourite nail art YouTuber to watch and she makes everything look so easy! This video includes TEN (yes, that's right- 10!!) different design ideas for you! It is definitely worth a watch because you're bound to be inspired by it. In addition, CutePolish has other Christmas ideas from previous years compiled in to a playlist if you'd like to check that out!
source: instagram/cutepolish

2. Polishpedia- Snowy Christmas Tree Nail Art

^Click the link above to take you to the video

Such an easy way to do a Christmas tree!

3. SimpleNailArtDesigns- Holiday Sweater Nail Art Tutorial

^Click the link above to take you to the video

This is such a FUN idea! A holiday sweater design done in a more simple way than you think. I love it!

So there you go! Let me know what designs you'll be trying out this Christmas!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Piercings: My experience

Hello BumbleBeas. :-)

So I have decided my first proper post is going to be about piercings and my experience of them. Like I said in my introduction post, I am a big fan of piercings and have 7 ear piercings in total. I thought I would share with you my piercings and my experience of them in hope that it interests you or maybe even help you in your own piercing decisions!

This is a (rather bizarre photo to take) of my ear with the most of my piercings. I have labelled them for you so you know them by name and it will also make it easier for me to explain them.

Ear Lobe: The first piercing I ever had when I was about 7 years old. I don't particularly remember it but I had it done in both ears at the same time as I knew after one I would run out! I don't have a very good pain threshold surprisingly. They didn't hurt too bad as far as I remember though and they've been perfectly fine ever since.

Second Earlobe: This was the second piercing I ever had which again I had done in both ears at the same time. I had this done when I was about 14 years old and I crushed my best friend's hand for dear life in the process (Sorry Emily!) Despite my dramatic reaction it wasn't too painful and only stung a little afterwards. I have never had problems with this piercing and it has been okay ever since.

Helix/Ear Rim: I had this done for my 15th birthday and this was honestly the most painful piercing I had overall. Due to it being a cartilage piercing they're much more painful than having your earlobe pierced and have a much longer healing time. In total it took my piercing 7 months to heal properly! For the first few days I couldn't sleep on that side of my body as it would hurt the piercing but that wasn't for long. To my surprise it never bled like I expected to.

Tragus: Wow, ok. So this is a long one to explain. I had this done on my 16th birthday and even though I said my helix piercing was the most painful overall, this was the most painful in the actual piercing process. As much as I love my tragus piercing I don't think I could ever get it done on my other ear as it hurt a lot! However please don't let me put you off getting it done as it is a lovely unique piercing that I do not regret having done. Even though it hurt so bad having it done I barely felt it afterwards which was a relief. But unfortunately it didn't go on easy afterwards. A week or so later it fell out and I had NO IDEA where it went. Panicking about it growing over me and my mum went to the shop to buy another bar to put in it. And what did we find when we were putting the new bar in? THE OLD BAR WAS INSIDE MY EAR! Admittedly this scared the heck out of me and I had to have it pulled out with tweezers. Ouch! Then I had to put the new bar in which hurt crazy bad and it bled. The day after this one fell out too! But luckily after all that the experience was over and my piercing has been fine ever since. We think the problem was my tragus had swollen up so much that it pushed the piercing out. My tragus stayed swollen for 5 months afterwards and then it all healed up completely. The only thing I would say about this piercing as it means you cannot put an earphone properly in your ear anymore! So I suggest only getting one ear done.

Third Earlobe/Ear Rim: This is the most recent piercing I've had. It didn't hurt too bad and I had no problems with it afterwards apart from the fact that after having it done it bled a lot and I had to walk round town with blood all down my neck! Not nice. This was the first piercing of mine that ever bled and it shocked me that it was only that one when I heard so many stories about cartilage piercings bleeding.

And that's it for piercings! The only other thing I have to say is that I have stretched my other earlobe to 4mm. I have had it stretched for about two and a half years and even though it isn't that big I still love it. Perhaps in another post soon I will explain my ear stretching experience.
^ It is the one with the spiral!

Thanks for reading.

Monday, 9 December 2013

Hello BlogWorld :-)

Hello BumbleBea's! (That's what I am calling you for now on of course, haha)

This is the beginning of my new blog. I have had experience with blogger before, many years ago before it all changed, so I am fairly alright with this set up. But I'll learn!

So who am I?

  • I am Briony, AKA Bea, and I am really in to weird alternative clothes. People who meet me always comment on how interesting my outfits always seem to be and that I have my own 'personal unique style'. That's even what my old tutor said on my Goodbye card when I left high school! I currently have 7 piercings (all in the ears) and I plan to get many more. I have no tattoos BUT it won't be like that forever. ;)

  • I am really in to rock/metal music but I can be found to like songs from other genres too. I love going to concerts as the atmosphere is always great and nothing is better than rocking out to something heavy and meeting new friends!

  • I love reading and my favourite genre is supernatural type books and fittingly, my favourite TV show is Supernatural.

  • I am one of those people who like to have their own opinions on things. I love learning new things and gaining knowledge from all sides of things to make my own decision on topics. This may make me sound like a stubborn person sometimes but when I have a point I'll make it! I'm never afraid to have a mature debate.

  • In addition I am a HUGE Youtube fan and watch the likes of CTFxC, Shaytards, Grav3yardgirl, Pewdiepie, Olga Kay, AmazingPhil, Danisnotonfire and about a hundred or so more. Die hard fan!

  • Big big fan of Lush cosmetics! I am sure you'll find many hauls and reviews from there here.

So what will this blog be about?

Well, as much as I like to say I am not really a girly girly, I am very in to clothes, shoes and beauty. I will post outfit of the days, reviews amongst many other related things.

Furthermore because I am somebody who always has something to say about something I will cover some various different topics on here.

That's all I have to say for now really. Please follow me and let me know who you are! I am excited to begin writing and hopefully form a community with you all.

See you soon!