Saturday, 23 August 2014

Benefit Gimme Brow!

Hello guys!
This review has been a long time coming. I have had this product since April and it has taken me until now to review it. But at least I have had months of use to really be able to analyse it!
So this is what the product looks like including the packaging:

My immediate worry was how small it was. In all the reviews and videos I had seen it in previously I never realised how small it was! Although this concerned me, I am still using it months later and it has not ran out.
Benefit's Gimme Brow is a water-resistant brush on fibre gel that claims to not only adhere to your hairs but also to your skin to give you fuller-looking brows and fill in where any sparse missing hairs may be. As someone who always had a battle with plucking, this is definitely what I needed. I needed a product that would fill in the spaces and make them look both fuller and more sculpted.

The brush is very small which I believe is great for brows. I first of all like to run it along the lengths of my eyebrows and then run it in an upwards motion at the beginning of my eyebrows where I desperately need the product to fill in the gaps. Afterwards I then like to get an eyebrow brush and brush through them and then just use my fingers to put my eyebrows in the final position that I like.

It took me a lot of practise to use it. For well over a month I kept constantly getting the product above/underneath my brows or a clump of it would go in my eyebrow and I'd have to use a cotton bud to get it out. This was always annoying and even now I occasionally get some on my face. 

Despite that problem, the product is great. It is a similar colour to my eyebrow colour and makes my eyebrows look more sculpted and arched when in actual fact I don't have arched or very well sculpted eyebrows at all! It certainly does a good job at filling in for sparse areas where you have been at war with plucking. 

I have read many reviews where people like to use this brow gel with other eyebrow products but I much prefer to use it alone. I like my eyebrows to look natural and nobody ever guesses that I use an eyebrow product. It does everything I want it to do plus keeps the hairs in place so what's the point in using other brow products?

This was my first Benefit product and first eyebrow product and overall I am very impressed. Would I buy it again? Yes...if I had the money. A major downfall for it is that it is quite expensive (perhaps that is only in my opinion) at £17.50 which is the only thing that would hold me off buying again. I'd like to try and find cheaper options but if I cannot find any or I had the money to spend then I would buy it again. 

Benefit Gimme Brow is available in two shades: light/medium (basically blonde) and medium/deep (brunette). As a natural brunette I chose medium/deep.

Have you used Benefit Gimme Brow? Let me know what you think of it!

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