Wednesday, 30 September 2015

September Favourites

Hello all!

What a month! I went on my first holiday with just friends and I got into a proper full swing of my kind of new job.

I also got quite a few new beauty products this month so I have picked out a few of them that I have been picking up the most.

The first product I have been absolutely loving is the L'Oreal Infallible Matte 24HR-Matte foundation. Before I bought this foundation I had been constantly using the Collection Lasting Perfection one but I decided I finally wanted to try something new. I will be writing up an in-depth review on the foundation but for now let me tell you- it is amazing. 

The next product I have been loving is the Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray. I got it for my 2 year anniversary from my boyfriend and I have been to the point of excitement when I use it. Is that weird? It was even better when I took it on holiday. Because it has temperature control it ensures your make up lasts even when it is really hot and humid. I will be reviewing this on my blog soon so watch this space!

The third product I have been enjoying is the Real Techniques Setting Brush. This is something I also got for my 2 year anniversary and I have been using it under my eyes and around my nose. To read my review of it, click here!

The last product I have been loving this month isn't actually a new product of mine. I have had the BarryM Flawless Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit for months and months but I haven't been able to work out a proper use of it until now. It includes a highlighter, a bronze and a contour shade with a step-by-step guide. This month I have been using the bronze shade to keep my face and neck in line with my slightly tanned skin. I have been putting it on my cheeks, forehead and neck to try and blend it in with the rest of my skin. I will eventually review this but I want to play around with it a bit more first.

That's it for my favourites! What have you been enjoying in September? Let me know! 
Also, just to let you know that I will be attending Bristol Fashion Week tomorrow which I will be live tweeting. To keep up with my BFW updates, follow my Twitter @SincerelyBriony.

Monday, 28 September 2015

Real Techniques Setting Brush


When it comes to make up brushes, they're actual make up porn when it comes to me. So I'd like to tell you all about the latest brush in my collection: the Real Techniques Setting Brush.             
I had been eyeing it up for a while on FeelUnique so when my boyfriend asked what I wanted for our 2 year anniversary I told him this. He had no idea what the hell it was or what it did, and probably still doesn't, but nevertheless he got it for me.         

As usual with Real Techniques, it is great quality and super soft. The handle is light so it doesn't feel too heavy in your hands and the brush is the perfect small, slightly pointed shape great for using under your eyes and in between the sides of your nose.              

After playing around with it I have decided that I have two different likes for it. I first off like to use it to conceal my under eyes. Before I use my foundation I like to put stripes of my concealer on with its applicator then pat it in with the brush. Next, after applying my foundation and anymore concealer, I then like to use it to apply setting powder to my under eyes. It really is the perfect shape! Finally, I will use the pointed end to set powder in the sides of my nose.  I like to do this because I find the sides of my nose is where I lose foundation coverage the quickest.   

To conclude, I love this brush. It looks beautiful, is a great budget brush and would make a nice gift for a fellow make up lover.

What is your favourite make up brush? Let me know!

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Travel | Alicante, Spain

To start off my gap year I went on holiday with my two friends, Antonia and Vicky, to Alicante in Spain for 5 days. We had been planning to go away together after we had finished Sixth Form for a long time, so when the time finally came we were pretty excited!

DAY 1- I reluctantly woke up at 5.45 AM for our 2 and a half hour flight. It felt really weird to be going on holiday with just friends and not family! Annoyingly when I walked through the X-ray bleeper thing it got set off, even though I wasn't wearing anything metal! Apparently it was from my ankles but there was nothing metal there, just my leggings. Weird huh? Anyway, it was actually Antonia's first time abroad and on a plane so it was interesting to see her reaction to take off, flying and landing. When we arrived in Alicante it was actually raining! We knew there was going to be bad weather that day but it was still a bit of a disappointment to us when we got there. After checking into our lovely hotel, Melia Alicante, we walked around the Alicante area to get to know it and found somewhere to stop for a drink. I tried Aperol for the first time with high hopes but I actually hated it! In the evening we went to a restaurant and tried their local wine which was probably the best wine I have ever tasted. Much better than the Aperol, for sure! Then it was on to a bar by our hotel to drink cocktails where we actually made friends with an older couple who happened to be staying in the same hotel as us.

DAY 2- The next day we woke up to nice weather so we decided to go to the beach. But first we took advantage of the buffet breakfast and I stuffed my face full of croissants and watermelon. We managed to have a couple of hours on the beach and put our feet in the sea but then suddenly a thunderstorm came over! Fortunately the beach was right on the hotel's doorstep so we didn't have far to go to get back under cover. The thunderstorm was so heavy the streets began to flood so we had no choice but to stay inside for the rest of the afternoon. We filled this time by playing cards (I'm glad to say I won some games). Luckily by the evening the rain had stopped and the worst of the water on the roads had gone so we went out for a meal again with a new wine to try. It wasn't as nice as the first one but still good!  We ended the night at our new favourite bar and I discovered my new favourite cocktail: San Francisco. 

DAY 3- From our hotel we could see Castillo de Santa Barbara which is a castle up a small mountain in Alicante. We decided to go up to the castle to check it out. You can get a lift up to castle then walk the rest of the way. Let me tell you, it was beautiful! The weather was much hotter and nicer with clear blue skies so the view was spectacular. We could see over Alicante and the sea. We also got to learn about Alicante history and the backgrounds of families who had been living there for generations. After our trip to the castle we decided to relax by the pool so we could finally soak up and enjoy the lovely weather. I was reading my book called 'The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August' by Claire North. In the evening, we found another nice restaurant to go to. Annoyingly, on the menu I saw 'Pasta Carne' (which is meat) and 'Pasta Vedura' (which is vegetables). As a vegetarian I went for the second option expecting veggie carbonara, but only the pasta was vegetarian! The sauce still had bacon in it so I had to frustratingly pick out all of the bacon bits. After our meal we went out and had cocktails. I think I had a little bit too much because I ended up being sick when we got back to the hotel!

DAY 4- The start of my day wasn't too great as I ended up being sick twice more so had to skip breakfast. But after having a nap I felt a lot better and ready to go out. We decided to walk to town and check out the shops there. Antonia wanted to go to Pandora to get a Spanish flag for her charm bracelet to represent her first holiday abroad. We spent absolutely ages looking for Pandora but eventually found it in a Corte de Ingles store. One of the biggest hits of the day was discovering a Kiko Cosmetics store! I knew Kiko existed online as I had seen bloggers talk about it but I didn't know they had stores. We went in store and I think we spent a good half an hour in there in awe of all the make up. I ended up buying a blue eyeshadow stick, blue mascara and a eyelash night treatment. We also saw  Sephora store and freaked out about it because none of us had been in a Sephora before. On the evening I decided I was a bit fed up with constantly eating pasta so I decided to try something different. I ended up having a weird dinner: chips and bread dipped in vegetable soup. It was surprisingly delicious though! I wanted to order a chocolate milkshake instead of wine thanks to my being sick experience but the waiter ended up bringing me hot chocolate instead. It felt weird drinking hot chocolate in a hot country! The rest of the night was Fanta Lemons for me.

DAY 5- Last day! We had our final breakfast (I had way too many croissants) then we checked out of our hotel room. We relaxed by the pool for a couple of hours in the afternoon then had our final meal together at lunch time where I ordered Spanish omelette baguette. However, the waitress brought me French omelette baguette which I hate! I then re-ordered my Spanish one...but another French one came. Thankfully we were third time lucky and I  finally got what I ordered. Afterwards, we played a few games of cards before waving goodbye to Vicky. Rather than coming home with Antonia and I, Vicky was leaving on an earlier flight to Madrid to have a weekend there with her family. After she left, we went down to the beach for the last time and went in the sea. We then relaxed by the pool taking in the beautiful scenery for one last time. Our flight was at 23.55 and we ended up sitting next to a man on his own. He proceeded to tell us that he had a candyfloss vending machine business he was bringing over to Spain and showed us photos on his phone of it. Odd!  We were pretty tired by the time we got home and I finally got into bed at 3 AM.

Overall we had a great holiday and it was nice to be away with people I had been friends with since Year 8. We had just finished sixth form so it was a good way to celebrate the end of our years in education together before we went on to other stuff in our lives. Although, me and Antonia are planning to go away next year travelling as well. So watch this space!

Also, credit to Vicky who allowed me to use some of the photos she had taken for my post. You can check her Instagram out here. She is a make up and travel lover!

Where did you go on holiday this year? Let me know!

Monday, 21 September 2015

Books | Magisterium: The Copper Gauntlet


Back in July you may remember that I reviewed a book called Magisterium: The Iron Trial by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare. (click here to read it). Today, I am back with the second book in the series called Magisterium: The Copper Gauntlet.

The Copper Gauntlet begins with Callum  back at home with Havoc the chaos-ridden werewolf and Alaister, Callum's father. The beginning of the book sets the scene which is good as it reminds you of the story so far just in case you've forgotten any details.

One thing I really liked about the second instalment in the Magisterium series is that it delves more into the the character's backgrounds and their personalities. For example, in the book we found out more about Alaister and his personality. We learn about his past and realise just how much he loves his son. Additionally, we also find out more about Callum's best friends, Aaaron and Tamara. They've all grown up very differently: Callum alone with his father, Tamara with a rich family and luxurious household and Aaron without family. In the first book the character of Aaron is very mysterious so it is nice to find out about where he came from and why he is so reluctant to talk about his background.

My favourite character in the book by far is Havoc, Callum's loyal chaos-ridden wolf. He is super cute and makes me want a chaos-ridden wolf for myself! He is completely devoted to Callum, just like dogs in our world are, and if I could have him I totally would.

Likewise to the first book there are elements of the book that reminds me of Harry Potter. I can relate to Aaron to Harry Potter: Aaron without parents, similar to Harry. Aaron then goes to stay with Tamara's family for the summer, just like Harry Potter stays with Ron Weasley's family. This is why I think that people who love the Harry Potter series would also like the Magisterium books because they are similar in some ways, obviously including the fantasy and magic part.

Furthermore I must mention the cover artwork again. They've done it again with the beautiful cover! I like how the first book was covered in cold colours, just like iron (relating to the book's title, 'The Iron Trial') and then in the second book the colours are warm and fiery, just like copper ('The Copper Gauntlet'). You can tell that this has been well thought out which makes the books even more likeable. 

Overall I enjoyed the book. My favourite things about the book is that we get to know the characters better, we see how the 3 best friends work as a team and face challenges together and we also see how Alaister and Callum's father-son relationship is flawed but they finally understand one another in the end. All of these things contribute to actually feeling like I know the characters like actual real life people and I am still hooked on the series. 

As I said above, I would recommend this book to Harry Potter fans. I would also recommend it those who love The Mortal Instruments (written by Cassandra) and the Spiderwick Chronicles (written by Holly). I believe the authors are really good at capturing magic and fantasy together which is a genre I particularly like.

Magisterium: The Copper Gauntlet was published on September 3rd (so it's fairly quite new!) and you can buy it here.

What is your favourite book recently? Let me know!

*This book was sent to me. However, all opinions are 100% my own and I would never lie about liking a product. In this case, I really like the authors of this book because I love The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra and was a big fan of the Spiderwick Chronicles by Holly as a child. So, it would have been a book I probably would have ended up finding and buying anyway!

Thursday, 17 September 2015

New In My Make Up Collection


I've got some new items in my make up collection so I thought I would share them with you.

The first items I got were the Urban Decay Setting Spray and the Real Techniques Setting Brush. It was my boyfriend and I's 2nd anniversary on the 6th September and he knew I wanted them so he got them for me.  I've been wanting the Urban Decay Setting spray for the longest time but I am always really reluctant to buy make up products that are slightly more expensive. This is the travel size I believe so it isn't too bad. As for the Real Techniques Setting Brush, I wanted it so I could use it on my eyes with setting powder. It is so soft and the usual Real Techniques standard.

The day after our anniversary I went away to Spain with my friends (post coming soon). When we were there, I spotted a Kiko Cosmetics store. I didn't know there were Kiko stores in Spain so it was a nice surprise when I saw one! About two weeks previous I wanted to buy some Kiko products on their website but you have to spend a certain amount to be able to get them. It was obviously fate! What made it even better was that there was a sale going on also!

The first Kiko product I chose was the Kiko Eyeshadow Stick in No. 31. The colour caught my eye as it is a beautiful cold blue colour that I thought would go nice with my blue eyes. Blue and purple eyeshadows are my favourites so when I saw an eyeshadow stick I could not resist. Then, I picked up the Kiko Super Colour Mascara in No.2 which is also blue. As you could probably tell from above I love using bright colours on my eyes so when I saw this blue mascara I was intrigued. I wanted to try coloured mascara, inspired by the new blue one from Benefit Cosmetics, so I thought this would be a cheaper option. I can't wait to see what it looks like on! Finally, I picked up the Kiko 30 Days Extension Night Treatment Booster. It is a mascara wand with a clear gel that is supposed to lengthen your eyelashes. I chose this because I have really short, stubby eyelashes at the moment and I really want to improve them. I have no idea whether it will work or not but for the cheap price that it was I thought it was worth a try. I will let you know in a month's time!

And that's it! For someone who loves and adores make up I actually usually go a month or so without any new products because of money reasons so the fact that I got all of this in a short time span was exciting for me. 

This is my first time using Kiko. What do you think of Kiko? Let me know!

Sunday, 13 September 2015

How I Clean My Make Up Brushes


I realised the other day that there might be people out there who come across my blog that are still in the beginning stages when it comes to make up. I have always assumed that people who read my blog would be experts in beauty but now I realise that might not always be the case.

When I bought my first make up brush I had no idea really that I had to clean it, and if so, how? Thankfully I knew about the wonders of blogging back then so I quickly searched how to clean my make up brushes. This is when I found a post written by Zoella where she had shown how she cleans hers. That post was from a while ago!

First of all I get all of my dirty brushes together and take them to the bathroom. It is best to use warm, but not hot water, as I think hot water can melt the glue that sticks the bristles to the brush and make them shed. It is also best to wash the brushes facing down so the water doesn't get into the glue.

I don't use brush cleansers or alcohol to clean my brushes. Instead, I use hand soap! Specifically, I like to use Dove Beauty Hand Wash. I find this soap is soft, creamy and doesn't dry out my brushes. Plus, it will obviously do the job of removing bacteria as it is an antibacterial soap. Perfect for people who suffer with acne like me!

I then put soap over my brush, being sure to cover the main part that touches my face and the edges around it. I will then work the soap in to the bristles using my fingers, adding water bit by bit to lather it up. Next I will work it in to the palm of my hand, swirling the brush to make sure the soap is getting right into the brush and cleansing it.

Afterwards, I will just put it under the running water and gently squeeze it. You want to keep doing this until the water isn't the colour of your make up products any longer and that when you squeeze it no more soap is coming out of it. The water should be clear and non-soapy.

When that is done, I then wipe dry the handle in case any water has gotten on it and then I need to leave it to dry. To make sure none of the water runs into the glue, it is recommended that you let your brushes dry whilst at an angle facing down. What I do is I put a dry flannel over a small container so I can balance the brushes nicely facing down without getting any water on the container. I find that my Real Techniques brush needs 24 hours to dry whilst my eyeshadow brushes takes a lot less time.

I like to wash my brushes once a week. I will normally do it on a Sunday/Monday straight after I have used them. Some people don't like to do it that frequently but I am really cautious of washing my brushes because I am so prone to getting spots. So the less bad bacteria on my brushes, the better!

So yeah, that is my brush washing process. What is yours??

Friday, 11 September 2015

5 Instagrams I Love


As someone who spends a lot of time using Instagram I have realised there are certain accounts that I always check to see if they have any new photos up. I thought today I could share the love for these Instagram accounts with you so then you can go check them out if they sound interesting to you!

This blogger and YouTuber is the go to girl for all things fashion. She is honestly the most fashionable person I know and could make a bin bag look good. She has incredible hair, does her make up to perfection and also makes really enjoyable videos. As for her Instagram, you can tell she puts in a lot of effort to make it look nice and to take decent photos. She is definitely worth checking out!
Another YouTuber that I love. I love her out there style and she is absolutely hilarious. I like her Instagram because she is always taking photos of her dogs and her fabulous style. She recently went interrailing around Europe and her photos from her travels are just perfection.
I'm not going to lie: I think the female form is absolutely beautiful. Additionally, I also think tattoos are beautiful. So why not follow an Instagram full of beautiful, tattooed ladies? For anyone who has not heard of SuicideGirls, they are ladies who are alternative models. If you want your news feed full of beautiful ladies, tattoos and nerds then this Instagram is for you.
This is one of those Instagrams that are funny, you can't believe exist and cheers you up. This Instagram is basically full of real texts from a 'Crazy Jewish Mom' to her daughter. The texts are 100% real and absolutely hilarious. It is one of those Instagrams you just need to check out to fully understand the hilarity of.
And finally, we have the UK Instagram of the well known brand, Benefit Cosmetics. If you like to view photos of very photogenic make up and lust after them, then this is the Instagram for you. Benefit packaging has always been amazing so their Instagram is even better. Plus, they're frequently holding giveaways which is a positive.
What are your favourite Instagram accounts? Let me know!

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Mitchum Advanced Anti-Perspirant Unscented Deodorant

Today I bring you the deodorant that I have been using ever since I was a little girl in Year 7 who wanted to wear deodorant to school in the hot weather. It is my number 1 deodorant and I still use it nearly every single day.

This particular deodorant is unscented, meaning it is good for people who have sensitive skin- like me! This one is also in roller ball form which I like because the ball is easy to use, slides around easily and is a good size to fit in your armpit. However, you can buy Mitchum as a stick or as a spray as well. I've never used the stick but the spray I've used a couple of times.

I put this on every morning. What's good about it as that it dries quite quick, so you don't have to wait a while for it to dry. It doesn't feel sticky and leaves no marks so you don't have to worry about your favourite black top getting white marks on it!

But does it do its job? Well, I can happily say...yes! Mitchum is amazing for staying on all day. The deodorant does claim to be 48 hour wear, after all. No matter what you do in the day, whether it is dance, play football or just sit at home, it will not let any smell or any bit of sweat come through. It is certainly a miracle worker!

Also, something else I have found is that if you're worried about your back sweating and it showing through your top, you can roll it on your back. Or if you have the spray version, this is perfect for spraying on your back. It can leave a slightly tight feeling on your skin, will leave a bit of a mark and you'll have to wait for it to dry before you put your top on but it definitely will not let any sweat come through. I like to do this on really hot days when I know I will be walking or if I am wearing a tight-ish top. Then I know I won't have any sweat show up on my clothes!

My last positive point about this deodorant is that you can buy it in 50ml and 100ml sizes which means that it is perfect to take on holiday with you whether you go by plane or not because you can have it in your hand luggage.

So that's it! What is your favourite deodorant? Let me know!

Monday, 7 September 2015

Soap & Glory Archery Brow Tint and Precision Pencil


This review has been a long time in the making. This is the Soap & Glory Archery Brown Tint and Precision Pencil. The product is described as a really fine pen and pencil that are long-wearing. You can fill in gaps in your eyebrows using the brow tint and then use the pencil to give your eyebrows shape.

The pencil is twistable which is good because it means you can control how much length there is in the pencil showing and what you use. It comes in two colours: 'Brownie Points' for brown hair and 'Love Is Blonde' for blonde hair. As someone with dark brows, I use 'Brownie Points' and it is a good match for my medium brown eyebrow colour.

So how do I use it? Well, first I use the pen side to darken my hairs. When in sun my hair gets natural blonde highlights, and that works the same for my eyebrows. So I will use this to darken those blonde hairs and also if I get any foundation on any hairs it works the same. The product description says to use it to fill in gaps in my eyebrows but I find that this doesn't look very natural on me. Instead, I find the pencil side much better for filling in gaps. I will then use the pencil to fill in gaps because I have got some quite sparse hairs, more specifically in the beginning of my eyebrows. This I find gives a much more natural look and doesn't look obviously drawn in. 

The only issue I have had with this is that when I first got it, for the first month the pencil kept splitting in half from the top whenever I used it. It was annoying and meant I was losing some of the product which I could have used. Annoying as that was, it stopped doing it after about a month which was good.

I have been using this for a long time now, probably nearly a year, and it is still going strong. So worth the reasonable £10 price tag!

Overall I love this eyebrow product and it is a staple in my everyday make up routine. Without it, my eyebrows now feel naked and bare. It works for all kinds of looks too. If I want a 'no make up' make up look I can use just this alone in my brows so they look like natural, full eyebrows. If I want a harsher look, I will use more of the product and/or set the eyebrow hairs with my Benefit Gimme Brow! which is an eyebrow gel. 

I would recommend this to anyone who has sparse hairs/gaps in their eyebrows and to anyone who is new to filling in their eyebrows. It is difficult to mess this one up.

What do you use on your eyebrows? Let me know!

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Annie The Musical

Anyone who knows me well will know that I love musicals. And anyone who knows me extra well will know that one of my favourite musicals is Annie. However, I've never actually seen Annie, it has only ever been on my bucket list.

Well now I can tick that off of my bucket list! When my Mum told me Annie was coming to Bristol and we had tickets I nearly cried. I have been wanting to see Annie ever since I got the film for Easter instead of a chocolate egg as a kid. 

I went to see it with my Mum and my (kind of) step sister. We sat down eagerly for the show with drinks in one hand and Malteasers in the other. The show opened with 'Maybe' where Annie is reading, or singing, the letter her parents gave to her before they left her at the orphanage.

The character of Annie is lively, positive and never afraid to stick up for herself. She meets many people along the way and always brings hope and smiles. She is longing to find her parents but instead ends up adopted by a rich billionaire who gives her the dream life.

My favourite scene in the musical was probably when they sang 'Hard Knock Life'. The kids did an incredible job on it singing and dancing and the actress who was playing Annie had an absolutely phenomenal voice. I also really liked the scene where Annie found Sandy the dog. The dog playing Sandy was so adorable! Every now and then throughout the musical Sandy would run across the stage, as if to be looking for Annie, and every time Sandy did everybody in the audience went 'Awww'. My only issues were that they didn't sing 'Dumb Dog' or 'Sandy' so I assume they were only meant for the film.

As a tap dancer it also made me smile when they had tap dancing! When Annie goes to the theatre for the first time they watch a film where the sailors and sailor girls are tap dancing. The tap dancer in me was bouncing in my seat!

Our seats were in the perfect place and the most excellent view but unfortunately there was a man sat behind us who kept burping and belching! And when I say belching I mean proper throwing up, sicky burps style. Yuck. So unfortunately I spent the whole time feeling like I was getting burped on and having that noise in the background throughout.

If you ever get the chance to see the musical Annie I highly recommend it. If not, I certainly recommend watching one of the films. It is the perfect family musical and it makes you really appreciate child actors. They must put so much hard work into their performances which is amazing as a child!

What is your favourite musical? Let me know!

Thursday, 3 September 2015

August | Netflix Favourites

As an avid Netflix watcher I have realised that the month of August involved me spending a lot of time watching film after programme after film on there. So I thought, why not share what programmes and films I have been watching on there last month?

  • Once Upon A Time-  This was my ultimate favourite in August. I had been meaning to watch it for ages and when I finally did I was hooked (no pun intended for any Once Upon A Time fans out there). I was hooked to the point where I spent so many hours day and night watching it that I finished all 4 seasons, with hour long episodes, with 22/23 episodes in each series, in about 6 days. For anyone that hasn't heard of Once A Upon A Time, it is basically about well known fairytale characters, such as Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, being thrown into the real world that we know. It is a really gripping show with all kinds of twists and turns and trust me, once you start watching you won't be able to stop!

  • Child's Play- Another favourite has been the Child Play films. They're all on Netflix and I had never actually watched them before despite them being so famous, so my boyfriend and I watched them all. They get a bit repetitive, but they're kinda funny overall. If you haven't heard of Child's Play, they're 'horror movies' which follow a doll that has been taken over by a serial killer named Charles. However, in doll form he takes the name Chuckie. If you don't like dolls you might not like these films but if not then this might be classic for you.

  • Educating Yorkshire- I'm not really sure how I ended up watching this or why I watched the entire series but I did it anyway. It follows a school in Yorkshire, filming all the ups and downs of high school. They are filmed with the teachers' perspectives and the students' perspectives. It was kind of funny watching how some students seem to show off for no reason and whatnot. I don't know really, it was just an easy and humorous watch for me. 

  • An American Werewolf in London- I hadn't heard of this film before my boyfriend told me about it but apparently this is another classic. The name pretty much gives the plot away. I can't really explain what I liked about this. I mean, the beginning was boring and some parts of the plot were so bizarre and weird but overall it was a kind of a funny film. For example, one weird but funny bit is when the 'werewolf' is in a porn theatre watching porn and talking to people he had killed. Weird, huh? It's one of those things that you can't really explain so you just have to watch it.

So those were my Netflix favourites for August. What did you watch on Netflix recently? Let me know!

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Boots Haul | Make Up & Holiday Necessities


The other day I made a trip to my local Boots store with my Mum to replenish some make up items and stock up for my upcoming holiday. I spent a little bit more money than I ideally wanted to but it was worth it!

  • Nivea Daily Essentials Sensitive Day Cream SPF 15- 

I'm going on holiday in about a week's time and I needed a SPF for my face. I'm really picky about what SPF I will put on my face as some can cause me to break out. Most years I stick to Nivea, and this year I decided to go for a sensitive skin one. I have sensitive skin and this cream also claims to help redness, which I have a lot of, so I am looking forward to trying this.

  • Tresemme Freeze Hold Hairspray 100ml-

Another item for going on holiday is this smaller sized version of hairspray. I have always used Tresemme hairspray so I got a smaller bottle to take on holiday. It's good because it is 100ml which is the amount of liquid you can take on a plane.

  • L'Oreal Infallible 24hr Matte Foundation [Rose Beige]-

As the bad beauty blogger I am, I've always only used the same foundation. However, I'm finding more and more lately that the foundation that I use isn't really suitable to my skin type now which is kind of dry. I have been seeing so many good reviews over the past few months on this foundation so I have been dying to try it. I always want a good coverage matte foundation so hopefully this will do the trick. I used to always use the L'Oreal Infallible eyeliner in my high school days so I have high standards for this!

  • Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer [02 Cool Medium & 03 Warm Medium]-

This is my holy grail concealer and when I decided to change foundation I just couldn't convince myself to change concealer. I couldn't decide which colour would go better with my new foundation so I bought both 02 and 03 shades to try with it. Before that, I always used 03. I adore this concealer and it is certainly the concealer I recommend for anyone who suffers with acne, redness and scarring like I do.

  • Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner Pen-

My eyeliner (which is this one) is currently on its last legs so I thought I better buy a new one! I'm usually more flexible when it comes to liquid eyeliners and trying new ones but this time I decided to stick with something I know that works for me. I love doing winged eyeliner and this is my favourite liquid eyeliner to do that. What more can I say?

  • Eylure Pro-Lash Individuals [Short, Medium & Long Length]-

Again, as the bad beauty blogger I am, I have never used false eyelashes. I've been wanting to for ages but always convinced myself I would be crap at applying them. However, then I think back to the days where I struggled with mascara and eyeliner- now look at me! But the reason I finally decided to get eyelashes was because I recently had an eye infection which meant I lost a large amount of eyelashes. It's to the point where I look like I don't have many eyelashes and they're super gappy so I decided to try my hand at individual lashes. Hopefully they will bring me more confidence with my eyelashes and totally change my eye make up!

  • Carex Aloe Vera Refreshing Hand Gel-

If I had a pound for every time I have been out and wished I had some antibatcerial hand gel to use then I would be rich. My main reason to buy this was so I could take it on holiday with me in case I needed it but this will go straight in my handbag afterwards. I also find that I get ill a hell of a lot so I am hoping if I use this outside more I might find myself getting ill less.

  • Boots Travel Bottles-

I didn't take a photo of these but I bought two travel bottles to put some of my usual Tresemme Colour Fade Protection Shampoo & Conditioner in for when I go away. I usually save smaller bottles from other products to use as travel bottles but I still needed another 2. I couldn't find a travel sized version of the shampoo and conditioner I like and I am too smitten with them to buy anything else!

So that's it! Have you used any of these items? Let me know!