Wednesday, 29 April 2015

April Favourites


It's that time of the month again! So what were my favourites from April?

  • bareMinerals Prime Time Primer- This is a sample I got from a bareMinerals event a while ago (click here) and I absolutely love it. To read my review on it, click here!

  • Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette- The lovely Emily (check out her blog here) bought me this for my birthday and I've been absolutely loving it! The formula of the eyeshadows and their colours are perfect. I can't wait to review it for you!

  • Bourjois Contour Clubbing Eyeliner- Purple Night- This is a lovely bright purple sparkly eyeliner which I have been loving wearing alone or on top of black eyeliner this month. A review will be coming soon!

  • MAC Ruby Woo- Another one I got from my birthday which I can't stop wearing. It is the perfect classic red lip. To read my review on it, click here.

So there we go! Other things I loved this month was my birthday and going to Brighton with my boyfriend.

What were your favourite things from April? Let me know!

Monday, 27 April 2015

Travel | Brighton, UK


This weekend I went on a trip to Brighton with my boyfriend for our first little holiday together. We both really needed to de-stress and take some time away from our day-to-day lives plus we had never been to Brighton before!

After a 4 hour train journey full of card games and revision (for me), we made it to Brighton. It was a sunny day but slightly cold and windy. With help from Google maps we found our hotel and checked in so we could drop off our stuff.

We spent Saturday checking out the beach and Brighton pier. Somehow we justified spending £5 each just to go on a small roller coaster on the pier that goes upside down and looks down over into the sea! However when we were on the ride I hit my hand against my ear (essentially punched myself in the ear) and it pushed all my piercings slightly into their holes which made my ear bleed a bit! Ouch! We spent a lot of time sitting on the beach with our phones away from us just watching the calming sea and breathing in the sea air. It was highly relaxing. And of course, it was traditional to go get chips by the seafront in typical British style.

In the evening we got dressed up and went for a lovely meal to a little Italian we found when walking where I had a vegetarian lasagne and a sublime chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce and brownie base with squirty cream pudding. We were planning to go for cocktails afterwards but we couldn't find the place so instead we went back to our hotel with our own alcohol and music to have our own party.

 On Sunday we checked out of our hotel and had croissants for breakfast. We chilled on the beach again then took a stroll down The Lanes where there are some cute little shops. There is this quite well-known chocolate shop called 'Choccywoccydodah' where you can see some amazing cakes! Our favourite was this wedding cake with skulls that said 'Til Death Do Us Part'. We also went for an Italian buffet for lunch and a hot chocolate in the afternoon just to chill before our journey home. 

But let me tell you, the journey back was a nightmare! It turned out our journey was cancelled because there was a shortage of staff! We quickly had to get on to a train which we were told was going to go to where we needed to get to next but that was cancelled too! Instead we had to take a completely different journey which then got delayed because someone was walking on the tracks! Because of the delay we then missed the train we needed to get on which happened to be the last direct train to where we needed to be next. What was originally a 4 hour journey with only 2 change of trains turned in to an 8 HOUR JOURNEY full of multiple trains, walking and a coach! We didn't get home until 2 AM and we were both absolutely exhausted from travelling for 8 hours. We had travelled to so many train stations that were nowhere near to our end destination and it was quite stressful! However, we managed to get home in the end. 

Apart from our nightmare of a journey home we had a brilliant weekend and I thought Brighton was really pretty. Although it was cold the rain stayed away and it was rather quite relaxing. Now I feel like I need to go book another weekend away!

Have you ever been to Brighton? 

Friday, 24 April 2015

MAC | Ruby Woo

Behold- my first ever Mac Cosmetics product! For my birthday my friends kindly bought me this Mac 'Ruby Woo' lipstick and I instantly fell in love. I have been wanting a Mac lipstick for a long while but I never felt like I owned enough money myself to justify spending £15.50 on a lipstick. But I finally have one!

The packaging is so sleek and beautiful. As everyone knows about Mac lipsticks it comes in a stunning little black bullet with silver on the part that you use to twist up the lipstick. It is gorgeous, easily recognisable and gives that 'high end' feeling.

As for the colour, it is incredible as you can see below:

It is a classic red that really is the perfect matte colour. It's for those days when you want that classic, bold red lip that make a statement pin up girl style. I adore this colour!

And this is what it looks like at night-time: 
 So what about the formula? Well, it glides smoothly on your lips and gives you a strongly pigmented statement. With the help of a lip brush or a lip liner you can achieve the perfect lines that make your lips stand out from the crowd. I wore this lipstick when I went out for a meal on my birthday and the colour stayed on well no matter what I ate or drank. It is one of those lipsticks that will stay on all through the day and would probably only need topping up once.

I have read reviews that have said that this lipstick is quite drying but I disagree. It is a matte lipstick so it obviously isn't the most moisturising of lipsticks but I don't find that it dries out my lips or clings to any dry bits on my lips.

Overall I am really smitten with this lipstick and it is my ultimate favourite right now. I love having any excuse to wear it!

Have you got Ruby Woo? What do you think? And what was your first Mac product? Let me know! 

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Nails | BarryM Aquarium 'Pacific'

Hey guys!

Here are my current nails. I absolutely love the colour! It is from the Barry M Aquarium collection in Pacific and I got it as one of my birthday presents from my friends. 

The colour is a stunning petrol blue colour which is super shiny with a hint of seaweed green. Perfect for the theme!

I  particularly like the brush on the nail polish because it is thin so you can do your nails easily without getting any polish on the skin surrounding it. The packaging is also beautiful with a gold lid and scales on. It reminds me of a mermaid!                         

As for the polish, it has great wear time. I have had the polish on for 3 days so far and it hasn't even chipped! I love long lasting nail colour as it means I don't have to fill in the chips every night wasting time which I have to do with a lot of nail polish.

Overall I love this nail colour, the packaging and the wear. I couldn't ask for anything more and I will definitely consider the rest of the collection. You can get it for £3.99 which is an a fantastic price.

Have you used any of the Barry M Aquarium Collection? Let me know!

Monday, 20 April 2015

Lush | ButterBear Bath Bomb

Hey guys!
This is a bath bomb from Christmas so it isn't available now but I thought I would still review so you guys know for next year!
ButterBear is a cute little white bear. It isn't as big as other bath bombs and doesn't have the 'exciting' effect a lot of them give but it does have a purpose. As you can gather from the name it's claim is that it is a moisturising bath bomb which ingredients such as shea butter, cocoa butter and almond butter. They all work to soften, smooth and moisturise the skin.
When you put the cute little bear in the bath it fizzes out quickly which I expected. It leaves the water a faded milky colour which bits of skin of butter floating about which you can grab and massage into your skin.
When you leave the bath your skin feels smooth, soft and moisturised. So it does do what it says it does!
This bath bomb would be great for those with dry skin and probably even great for children too. I don't know the price as it was a Christmas present but I am sure it is slightly cheaper than the average sized bath bombs.
Have you used the ButterBear? Let me know!

Saturday, 18 April 2015

What I Did for My Birthday!

Hey guys!

In my last birthday post (click here if you haven't already read it!) I shared with you all what I got for my birthday. Today I thought I would share, for anyone who is interested, what I got up to.

My birthday celebrations lasted over the course of 3 days. 

On Thursday (the day before my birthday), I celebrated with friends. We went to see the film Insurgent because most of us have the read the books and love them- and because we saw Divergent on my birthday last year. The film was really good, although it was slightly different to the book. We then went for a birthday meal to Bella Italia and had nice food and great conversation. You can check out my friend Emily's blog here!

My birthday! First of all I went for a huge birthday meal to Frankie's and Benny's with my very large family and boyfriend. It was a day full of fun, kindness and lots of presents! To humiliate me my family made me wear a birthday sash and have '18th' badges and a '18' balloon attached to me. They then humiliated me further by getting the waiters to bring out a cake for me and play happy birthday music which they know I hate! They'd also thought they would try and be funny by giving me, the vegetarian, a cake with fake bacon on it. I also ordered my first (legal) drink which was a bit of a milestone for me. In the evening/night I then went out down town with my boyfriend and went to two of the rock/metal pubs and got quite drunk.

I didn't do anything in the day time but in the night time I went out down town with my sisters working our way through various bars. It was a lot of fun to have a night out with my sisters and we all got very drunk (haha). It is great having sisters which are also like your best friends. What was even more awesome is that one of my sisters bought me a whole new outfit for it (dress, bag and shoes) which you would have seen in my 'What I Got for My Birthday' post.

So that was it! I overall had an amazing 18th which my boyfriend, family and friends all helped to celebrate with me. I couldn't have asked for a better 18th birthday and I will never forget it. 

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

My Current Scrub #3


As always, I let you guys know what body scrub I am currently using.  After finishing my body scrub from Soap & Glory (click here to see my review) I have now started using the Mango body scrub from The Body Shop which I got for Christmas.

I adore it! I love the smell and what is even better is that the smell of mango lingers on your skin afterwards. It isn't too much of a rough feeling scrub which is nice and it feels nice to the touch. It does the job well and I even prefer it over my Soap & Glory scrub! The only downside is that I don't think it will last too long but fortunately enough I have another mango scrub to use.

Have you used this scrub? Let me know!

Monday, 13 April 2015

What I Got for my Birthday

Hey guys!
Last week it was my 18th birthday and I had an absolute blast. I'd like to share with you what I got for my birthday. Please note this is not a post to boast about what I just thought you guys might be interested as I always am for other people's birthdays. I mean, you always get asked what you got for your birthday, right? Anyhow, let me begin...

I got two gift sets from The Body Shop. There is the Mango gift set which I got from my boyfriend which includes a body butter, body scrub and soap. I also got the Tea Tree gift set from my brother which I will go into more detail on in a later post as I will be posting about The Body Shop Tea Tree range! I also only got one book (surprisingly) from my sister which is called Invisible by James Patterson and David Ellis.

For make up, I got a few bits! Excitingly I got a voucher for Mac from my friend Robyn and my first ever Mac product which is Ruby Woo from my friends Cat and Vicky! They both also got me the two Zoeva eyeliners with are Good Karma and Mr Marvellous which are also my first products from Zoeva. My wonderful friend Emily (you can check her out here) got me the Urban Decay Basis eyeshadow palette which was exciting as I so wanted one! Finally I got my usual Collection Lasting Perfection powder from my friend Antonia.

On Saturday night I went out down town going to the bars with all my sisters (more on that soon) but I didn't have an outfit to wear! So my sister, Kimberley, was really generous and bought me an entire new outfit! All of the items are from New Look I believe. There are some great chunky heels (I tried walking in thin-heels and wedges and couldn't hack it) and a small handbag for holding my money, phone and ID. But the best bit is the beautiful dress! It would definitely be something I'd pick out for myself so my sister knows me well. I feel so confident in it and love it a lot!

Surprisingly I only got two nail polishes for my birthday as I usually get lots for birthdays/Christmases. They are from different sisters. My Dad also got me the film The Culling (which was technically for Easter), an 18th glass and 18th keyring.

One of my sisters also got me this black top with lace on the sleeves from H&M which I accidentally left to get creased! She also got me a plain black crop top but I forgot to take a photo of it. Additionally my friend Antonia got me a  Paco Rabanne Black XS perfume set which smells great and I will review it soon.

Anyone who knows me knows I love clothing and pretty much anything else with skulls on so my sister got me a big Skull glass which is mainly for alcohol but I think I am going to use it in my room for storing some sort of make up. Haven't decided what yet though! What do you think?

And lastly my boyfriend turned up on my doorstep with these beautiful flowers which is pretty sweet.
Overall I mainly got money for my birthday. I am not in a job at the moment so it was all I wanted really. Furthermore I also got some euros for my girls holiday at the end of the year and alcohol.             
So there you have it! There will be a post up soon as well to tell you what I got up to. Thanks for reading!

PS- Want to know what I got for my birthday last year? Read last year's post here!

Thursday, 2 April 2015

What Can You Do At 18?

Hey guys!

Tomorrow is my birthday and I will be turning the big 18! So as a bit of a fun post I thought I would make this: What can do you at 18 in the UK?

  1. Buy and drink alcohol. Legally, at least.
  2. Buy a house/flat/land with my imaginary money. What kind of an 18 year old can afford that?
  3. Apply for a mortgage. Again, what kind of an 18 year old can afford that?
  4. Buy/see 18 rated films. Legally, at least.
  5. Get married without parents permission. Better go choose my wedding dress!
  6. Donate my body to science. Can I just donate my imaginary money instead?
  7. Vote in political elections. Good timing for the upcoming elections!
  8. Become an MP. Yep, I definitely think I am going to become an MP in the upcoming months. Next stop, Prime Minister!
  9. Get my nipples pierced. Although this is 16 years old for males which is pretty sexist.
  10. Get a tattoo. My mother would be proud (not)
  11. Make a will. Celebrating my birth whilst planning my death. Ironic really. 
  12. Get a pilot's license. I wouldn't even trust me to fly myself on a plane!

Thanks for reading! There will a few posts coming up soon about what I got up to on my birthday and what I got, maybe even outfits too, so keep an eye out for those!

Also, credit to my friend Emily for the photo! The photo for this post was originally just a boring picture that said '18+' on it but it seems Emily had a similar idea by writing everything I could at 18 in my birthday card! So I thought it would better to use that as a photo.