Friday, 27 November 2015

Empties #6

  • Superdrug Tea Tree Foaming Facial Wash- This was bought at the airport in September because I didn't have any face wash for my trip and it lasted me a good two months! It just a simple tea tree foaming cleanser really, not much to say about it. I would say that I would use it again though.

  • Boots Dry Shampoo 'Paradise Island'- I normally use Batiste dry shampoo but my local Boots didn't have any so I went for the Boots own one. I still prefer Batiste but it did the job and I used it all up. I think I found it a bit more 'chalky' but nothing I couldn't deal with.

  • L'Oreal Studio Line Hot & Smooth Hot Straight Cream- I have gone through a million of these. It really suits my long straight hair and ensures it is safe from damage from me straightening it nearly everyday.

  • Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel- I got this for my birthday in April and only in recent months got round to using it. It is quite a nice shower gel, smells subtly like roses and lathers up well.

  • The Body Shop Mango Sugar Body Scrub- It was disappointing when I finished this scrub- I absolutely love it! It smells incredible and is good to use before shaving.

  • Natural Collection Green Corrector Stick- Another item that I have gone through a million of. These will always feature in my empties post! I use it every time I use my make up without fail and it is definitely my holy grail item.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

The Furry Friend Tag


I saw Samantha Maria (Formerly The Beauty Crush) do this tag in a video so I thought I would do it myself as I am quite a fan of animals!

1) What is your pet's name? Suki!

2) What kind of pet is it and what breed? Suki is a cat and she is a tortie. Something distinctive about her coat is that she has a half black, half brown face where the line between them goes directly down the middle of her face in a straight line. 

3) How long have you had your pet friend? We have had her about 3 years now. We got her about 5/6 months after we lost my childhood cat Tabitha who we had for 16 years.

4) How did you get your pet? We got Suki from Bristol and Wales Cat Rescue. We knew we wanted a rescue cat and we saw Suki on their website. I was scrolling through all the cats they had up for adoption and as soon as I saw Suki's 'half and half face' and read her description I just knew she was the one. We then went to go see her in her foster home and got her a week after that. 

5) How old is your pet? She has just turned 5 years old. We aren't 100% on when she was born but we know she is about 4/5 years old. We decided to give her a birthday which is the 6th November.

6) What are some quirky things about your pet's personality? My cat is such a clumsy cat! She once fell out of my Mum's window which is on the top floor. Thankfully she was fine overall just had a bruised spine/tail so she had to be on painkillers for a while that made her a bit 'loopy'. She is always missing her step on tables or skidding across the floor because she forgot to put her brakes on. Suki also likes to sleep on your face/neck and lick your face as well as constantly sitting on the laptop because she wants your attention. The amount of times she has stopped me from writing a blog post is silly.

7) What does your relationship with your pet mean to you? I absolutely love my cat. My family and I are big cat fans and we have always said that a home is not completely a home without a cat. Suki is my best friend and apart of the family and I love lounging in bed with her.

8) What are some of your favourite past times with your pet? One of my favourite memories is the first full day of having her she was still really nervous and checking the house out. She had just gotten the bravery to go upstairs and she spent the whole day in my bedroom with me. I think from then on she had built a trust with me and always went to me over other family members. I generally just enjoy having cuddles with her and watching TV. She enjoys cat documentaries!

9) What are the nicknames that you call your pet? I call her so many names! Suki Moo, Moo Moo, Spooky (on Halloween), Sudoku and Moo Mee. I completely baby her so I always come out with ridiculous nicknames for her.

My family did have lizards but now my sister has moved out into her own place she took the lizards with her. They are crested geckos called Stig and Tikka and they sometimes breed so a few times a year we might have a few baby lizards too. I have also had a hamster called JayJay and two gerbils named Winston and Nibbler, as well as my previous tabby cat Tabitha. 

I tag my close friend Emily because I know she is very fond of her dog Curly!

Monday, 23 November 2015

Christmas on a Student Budget | Gifts for: The Skincare Addict


Today I bring you the final instalment to my Christmas on a Student Budget series. I have really enjoyed doing these and they have received really good views so thank you very much! Today is about 'The Skincare Addict'- for those who love to take care of their skin.

1. Garnier Mini Micellar Ultra Lift Gift Set (£10.00). This set focuses on 'lifting' the skin so it might be better for an adult audience, although the Garnier Micellar water is for anyone. I absolutely love the Garnier Micellar Water as a make up remover it is my holy grail so I would happily buy it for other people. It also comes with the UltraLift Day Cream to make skin feel firmer and to reduce wrinkles/fine lines.

2. Lush Mask of Magnaminty (£9.95). This mask focuses on clearing, calming and cleaning the skin. It is a large pot so it will last your recipient for a long time. This mask is a very popular product of Lush and has honey as an antiseptic and peppermint to reinvigorate. If your recepient suffers from blemished skin and/or oiliness, this could be the one for them.

3. Nivea Lip Tin Vanilla (£2.00). Nivea is absolutely number one when it comes to moisturising the lips, particularly for those of us who regularly complain of dry and chapped lips. This is a simple gift but the tin lasts a while and it really does do a fantastic job. This would be good as a stocking filler or as a general gift. I got it for Christmas last year and it goes great in my handbag. Plus, it fits a whole range of people!

4. Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub (£5.50). This is another holy grail product of mine. A good way of getting rid of chapped lips in the winter is to use a lip scrub. This one is natural, smells great and you can even lick it off after. I can make a pot of this last nearly a whole year so it is the gift that keeps on giving. Also good to use before applying lipstick or any other lip product to ensure smoother application!

5. Yes To Carrots Fragrance Free Exfoliating Cleanser (£7.99). Yes To incorporate all kinds of fruit and vegetables to treat all kinds of skin complaints. This one is an exfoliating cleanser, good for getting rid of dead skin, where the aim is at normal to dry skin. Dry skin and be quite annoying in the colder months! In addition to that it is fragrance free, ensuring that it would be good for the most sensitive of skins. Not to mention that the brand is so interesting in the type of ingredients that it uses that it makes an intriguing and conversation starter present.

6. The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish (£5.00). Another good product for these colder months is an exfoliating body scrub to get rid of the once again, dry, dead skin cells. The Body Shop is a trustworthy brand for this job and is especially good to use before shaving. It smells amazing!

That is it for my Christmas gift guides this year! I hope that this, or any of the others, were helpful. Here are the links to my other budget/student gift guides for 2015:

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Christmas on a Student Budget | Gifts for: The Toddlers

Hello again!

Here is another student/budget gift guide for you, and this time it is about the toddlers. Like me you might have nieces and nephews to buy for, or you have a little sibling or cousin. If so, this is the little guide for you. Click the product name to be sent to the link for it!

As a side note, I have included two clothing items in this list under 'Boy' and 'Girl'. However, personally I don't see kids clothes as gendered, so why should it be for either sex? But for the point of this guide and what it comes under on their website, I have put a 'Girl' and 'Boy' option.

1. Next Girls Grey Bunny T-Shirt (3mths-6yrs) (£6.00). I think this top is super cute as it has a colourful bunny on it, perfect for the kids who like to name all the animals they can think of and the noises for them.

2. Next Boys White Sketchy Monster Long Sleeved Top (3mths-6yrs) (£4.50-£5.50). I like this because it is long sleeved, so good for the colder months, and it the design on it is pretty cool. Because children are little monsters themselves, right?

3. H&M Soft Toy Cushion (bunny) (£7.99). I promise I don't have a thing for bunnies, I just coincidentally chose two items with them on! This is a cute fluffy pillow in the shape of a bunny's face, making it a lovely gift for the kid's bedroom that they can cuddle up with at night. There are also other animals such as a cat and a polar bear. 

4. Toys 'R' Us Sesame Street Lets Cuddle Elmo (£7.49, was £14.99). An absolute classic kid's toy: The Lets Cuddle Elmo. Sesame Street is one of those programmes that never grows old and every kid deserves a hug from Elmo.

5. Smyths Toys Peppa Pig Colouring Set (£0.99). Peppa Pig is by far one of the most popular kid's TV programme's in the UK right now. I don't know one child that I have encountered that doesn't love Peppa Pig! This is a little colouring set full of pencils, colouring sheets and stickers which is good to promote creativity, keep children occupied and good for having something to do when travelling. 

6. Tesco Galt Toys 4 Puzzles Farm (£5.00). I know my niece loves to do puzzles so I thought of her when I saw this. Again, this is good for the kids who like to name their animals and do the noises on them! This would be an activity that you could do together with the kid which makes it all the more fun! Plus, the puzzles go up in the number of pieces so they would be good for child development as they get older.

I hope this was helpful! Links to my other student/budget gift guides:

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Christmas on a Student Budget | Gifts for: The Blogger


Once again I am coming to you with another gift guide aimed at students or anyone else on a budget this Christmas. This time, the gift guide is centred around buying for bloggers.

1. Moleskin 'My list of awesome things to write about' Journal (£5.00). If other bloggers are anything like me, I like to list my blog posts which sometimes come to me at random times such as out and about. Because of this, I always like to have a notebook at hand to jot down my ideas. So this would be great just for that job!

2. Paperchase Birdhouse Magnetic Clip Board, Pad & Pen (£6.00). Another organising gift! I actually have a whiteboard I use to organise my posts on and this is a great alternative to that. This would be good for bloggers who like to plan their posts in details and like to type up posts from paper. Plus, this is such a cute design!

3. Primark Garfield 'Sleep is overrated' PJ Top (£5.00). The PJ top isn't on the Primark website any longer so I can't link it or show you the photo of it, but it will probably still be in store! It is basically a pyjama top with the cat Garfield's face on saying 'Sleep is overrated'. I thought this was a good gift for a blogger because not only is it nice to write blog posts whilst in cosy clothing, but I think a lot of bloggers can relate to losing out on sleep because they're writing blog posts!

4. HURKI Queen of the Bloggers Small Mug (£8.48). A simple mug but a fun one to buy for a fellow blogger friend. Think they're a great blogger? Well let them know!

5. Thorntons Continental Milk, White & Dark Collection (£7.00). I know personally I like to snack on things whilst I write, so I thought a box of varied chocolate would be nice to keep someone going whilst they're typing.

6. 101 Blogging Tips: How To Create a Blog That People Will Find, Read and Share (£2.24). Finally I thought I would include a blogging handbook. Not only would this be great for beginners but it would also be good for those trying to up their blogging game or simply just reinforce their already acquired tips and tricks. It is a nice little kindle book that someone can flick through on their phone or tablet.

That's it for this guide! Click here for my student budget guide to buying home decor and this one here for the make up lover.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Christmas on a Student Budget | Gifts for: The Home Décor Lover

1. Next Alphabet A-Z Cushion (£10.00). These cushions make a good personal gift as you can get a letter to suit the recipient's name. You can also get an '&' one so if you were buying for a couple you could get their initials and a '&'! They're simple looking black and white cushions which means that they would go with plenty of colour themes and look good on a bed or a sofa.

2. Next Set of 4 Drinks Coasters in Holder (£8.00). These coasters make a humorous gift with little jokes on such as 'You look like I need a drink' and 'If you can read this, my drink needs topping up'. I think this would be good for someone who frequently has guests over because guests can use the coasters for their drinks and have a little giggle when they see them. Again, they're simple black and white so would go well with many colour themes.

3. H&M Small Metal Leaf-Shaped Dish (£7.99). I spotted this dish and thought it looked lovely and intricate. I think this would be good to place delicate jewellery on such as rings and would look nice on a vanity table. If the person you're buying for doesn't wear jewellery I also think it would be nice to put your house keys/car keys on so you always remember where you put your keys! Then it could look good in the hallway.

4. H&M 'Books I Haven't Read Yet' Metal Bookend (£7.99). If you're buying for a book lover then this is a brilliant idea. This would look wonderful at the end of a shelf or in a bookcase and can help a book lover separate the books they have and haven't read. I for one sometimes forget which of my collection I've read and which I haven't so this would be super helpful! 

5. Yankee Candle 'Snow In Love' Small Jar Candle (£8.99). Plenty of home décor lovers I know are also big fans of candles so a Yankee Candle had to be in my guide.  Yankee candles are well known around the world and are known to have a lasting smell so a Christmas candle would be great. I chose 'Snow In Love' because I thought the name was quite punny and would be good to buy for someone you love. 

6. Tesco House Cement Sign 'LIFE takes you to unexpected places, LOVE brings you home' (£4.00). Finally, we have this little sign that hangs on a rope which reads 'LIFE takes you to unexpected places, LOVE brings you home'. I'd buy this for a whole range of people such as someone who was a recent home owner and are looking to add small details to their home, or even a young student who has recently moved out of their family home and into university accommodation. 

I hope this is helpful! I also have a student budget gift guide for make up, so if you haven't seen it yet then feel free to click here. :-)

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Christmas on a Student Budget | Gifts for: The Make Up Enthusiast

Whenever I see Christmas guides, more often than not I sit and think to myself: There's no way I could afford that! Although I have just come out of education for a year's break, I still consider myself a student I am certainly still on the budget of one! So I have decided to make a mini series called 'Christmas on a Student Budget' which consist of presents that aren't too expensive and would be helpful for anyone who can't spend too much money this Christmas.

First of all I would like to start with something that I know best: make up. To follow a link to the item I am talking about, just click the product name!

1. Urban Decay De-Slick MakeUp Setting Spray (£9.00, but currently £8.00 on FeelUnique). Want to buy a higher end product for someone without spending the money? Urban Decay is a well known amazing brand which not everyone can afford, so the travel size version of their setting sprays is a great way to go if you don't have the money to spend on their full size products. Their setting sprays are well known for being great and it is bound to receive a thumbs up from your fellow make up lover.

2. Kiko Long Lasting Eyeshadow Stick (£6.90). Eyeshadow sticks are well known as a quick way to apply eyeshadow and they are also good for providing a base for other eyeshadows. Kiko do an amazing range of eyeshadow shades from neutrals to bolds so you're bound to find something here. I own one myself and they are certainly long lasting!

3. Sleek MakeUp i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette (£7.99). Sleek i-Divine eyeshadow palettes are popular for their bargain price and pigmented colours. I have linked you to the 'Storm' palette which is the one I have and use regularly, but there are plenty of others to choose from!

4. Revlon ColourBurst Matte Balm or Lacquer Balm (£7.99). I have two of these and let me tell you, they're great! If you prefer a matte lip you can get the matte balms, but if you prefer shine you can go for the lacquer ones. There is a nice range of shades and I have a matte purple and matte red. Lip crayons are really easy to apply and are great for carrying around in your handbag to top up if necessary. I don't even use a lip brush!

5. Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot Instant-Perfecting Power Primer (£10.00). If you're buying for someone who loves being able to try out the latest make up products, this would be a good choice. This primer recently came out and it seems to have pretty positive reviews, so this also may be one for the beauty bloggers out there! I like Soap & Glory make up products in general, plus their packaging with their quirky names always makes an appealing looking gift.

6. Real Techniques Setting Brush (£6.99). Everybody knows Real Techniques do incredible make up brushes, and this is one of the cheaper ones. I have the setting brush and I think it is great for concealer, powder and highlighter. It is super soft and makes a lovely addition to anyone's make up brush collection.

That's it! I hope my suggestions were helpful. Look out for my future gift guides coming soon! :-)

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Glossybox November 2015

A month ago I made an order on, and when my parcel arrived it came with a voucher for GlossyBox. I had heard about Glossybox plenty of times before by other bloggers but had never gotten one, so when I received this voucher I knew that I wanted to go for it. The voucher plus shipping brought it to £9 something, so how could I resist?

Can we just talk about how beautiful the package is? It makes it even more exciting, untying the ribbon to see what the surprise products are...

Drumroll please...

  • MUA Eyeshadow palette- The idea of having a new make up palette excited me. I knew about MUA but had never tried a product before so this seems like a great one to start! It is full of different colours that ensure you can do a natural look or a party look. Some seem matte and some seem glitter which makes it versatile. It looks like a really nice palette that I will definitely try out, however I've noticed that it looks pretty damn similar to my Sleek 'Storm' palette! A definite dupe. That kind of disappointed me but I will still use nonetheless. This is a bargain at £4.00.

    • Royal Apothic Moisturising Body Lotion- I have never heard of this brand before and I am extremely excited to try it out! It is a moisturising lotion with sweet almond milk in. The packaging is absolutely beautiful and it looks like the perfect pamper product. The full size product is £14.50.

    • Emite Diamond Heart Primer- Another brand I have never heard of! I love primers and have actually been thinking about getting another primer so this was good timing. It is described as lightweight and is apparently peach coloured to balance out skin tone. I am really excited to try this out, especially when the full size is worth £25.90! A nice little luxury product for me to try out.

    • Eylure Naturalites Eyelashes- I was super excited when I saw this because I have just recently gotten into wearing false eyelashes, with the brand I use being Eylure. I had just finished my full lash eyelashes and was going to buy another but fortunately I now have these! I was super pleased with getting these natural volume eyelashes and they are worth £5.00.

    • Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick- Unfortunately this was the downside of the box. When I saw that there was a lipstick I was quite excited as I love lipsticks, especially matte ones like this, but when I saw the colour I was disappointed. Admittedly I don't like the colour and I tried it on but it just looks like foundation on my lips. It doesn't agree with my skin tone but I think I will ask around and see if anyone I know would like it. I really wish I had gotten a different colour! It is a moisturising lipstick with Vitamin E and it is £7.99.

    Overall I really loved my first Glossybox and the whole idea of receiving a mystery box of beauty is exciting. It is a good way to try out new brands, brands you may not have necessarily heard of before, and it can get you to try out things you normally wouldn't even think of buying for yourself. 

    Do you get any subscription boxes?

    Tuesday, 10 November 2015

    L'Oreal Paris Infallible 24hr-Matte Foundation

    Hello there!

    For probably half a year or so, I had been repeatedly noticing the L'Oreal Paris Infallible 24hr-Matte Foundation appear on blogs and YouTube videos. It seems that there are plenty of make up lovers out there who rate this foundation so I decided I wanted to see what the fuss was about for myself. Was it really as good as everyone was saying?

    What are the claims?

    The foundation claims to be a matte foundation that reduces shine for up to 24 hours. It also claims to have perfect coverage, have a no cakey effect and be waterproof and steamproof.

    Does it live up to its claims?

    The foundation is certainly matte. However, it does not remain matte for 24 hours. But who wears their foundation for 24 hours anyway, and who would really expect their foundation to stay perfect that long? I can go out in the day, whether it is to work or elsewhere, or go out on the night, and my foundation WILL stay matte. However, if I were to apply my foundation early in the day and wear it through to the night, the oil of my T-Zone will come through. If I plan to do this, before I go out on the night I do have to blot my T-Zone and reapply powder. It definitely puts my oily T-Zone at bay, but not for all day and night. Alas, this isn't really much of a problem to me. 

    I also think it has great coverage. I still apply concealer to areas of the face I know I am increasingly red but I do feel confident that it covers blemishes and redness well. I also agree that it doesn't have a cakey effect which is good because nobody wants to feel suffocated by their own make up!

    As for waterproof and steamproof, I don't know. I've never experienced the need for either whilst using this foundation so it wouldn't be fair for me to comment. Despite this, I can say that it is good in heat. I've taken this foundation on holiday with me and it lasted fine in the heat, whereas some foundations can go a bit funny when it is hot.

    What I like

    I like the fuller coverage for my blemished face and I like that it is matte. It doesn't seem to settle into fine lines on areas of the face that aren't around the eyes. It looks flawless on the skin and doesn't show brush streaks from application. Also, it doesn't have flashback from flash photography which is a relief as my previous foundation did! But to be fair it did have SPF in it and this one doesn't.

    What I dislike

    The packaging frustrates me. It comes in a squeezy tube which doesn't seem the best form of packaging for foundation as sometimes you have to be careful you don't squeeze out too much product which then comes to waste. Furthermore I can imagine this would become even more annoying when you come to the end of the product and want to try and squeeze out what is left so not to waste it. I would much prefer if it came with a pump!

    Although the foundation doesn't settle into fine lines on my fine, it does happen to settle a bit into the fine lines underneath my eyes. It doesn't settle as much as previous foundations have for me but it still does. Because of this every so often I like to wipe my finger lightly across the lines to wipe away any build up of product.

    Additionally, you have to work in small patches. The foundation does blend together but it is a bit difficult to blend over a large area. It is better to work in multiple small spaces then blend those spaces together.

    To conclude

    Overall, I am really fond of this foundation and was impressed when I started using it. I have been using it for 3 months now nearly daily and I do like how it makes my base look. It is matte, it covers my redness and doesn't make me look orange. I will definitely repurchase this foundation when I finish it and for £7.99 the price isn't too bad at all! I would mainly recommend it to people who prefer a fuller, matte coverage and more specifically to people with normal to blemished skin. I don't get an oily T-Zone straight away but I do get one by the end of the day so I am unsure how it would react with someone who gets quite oily immediately. But it is definitely worth a try and maybe with the use of a good primer! I know from the dislikes it may not seem I like it that much but I actually do love it. I had been thinking about trying out this foundation for months and months and I only wish that I had bought it sooner.

    Have you used this foundation and if so, what did you think of it?

    Sunday, 8 November 2015

    GRWM | Bristol Fashion Week

    Bristol Fashion Week was absolutely ages ago, but I've been quite ill since then so haven't got round to posting this! 

    Bristol Fashion Week was really fun and I wanted to make sure I felt confident and looked the best that I could make me. So I thought I would share with you my skincare routine, my nails, my make up, my hair, my perfume and my outfit. To read about Bristol Fashion Week and what is in fashion this Autumn/Winter, click here.


    • Superdrug Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser
    • Amphora Aromatics Seaweed and Aloe Vera Eye Gel
    • Nivea Lip Balm Original
    • Nivea Oil Free Day Cream Oily and Combination Skin

    • SensationNail 'Ocean Paradise'

    Make Up

    • Benefit POREfessional License to Blot
    • W7 Green Corrective Concealer
    • L'Oreal 24hr Matte Foundation
    • Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
    • Collection Lasting Perfection Powder
    • Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
    • Real Techniques Setting Brush
    • BarryM Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit
    • Benefit Gimme Brow
    • Soap & Glory Archery Brow Tint & Precision Pencil
    • Make Up Revolution Mermaids VS Unicorns Eyeshadow Palette
    • Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette
    • Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner
    • bareMinerals Lash Domination Volumnising Mascara
    • Max Factor False Lash Effect 24 Hour Mascara
    • Eylure Individual Eyelashes
    • Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick Dark Night Waterl-oops!
    • Urban Decay De-Slick Make Up Setting Spray


    • Batiste Dry Shampoo 'Coconut and Exotic Tropical'
    • Tresemme Salon Finish Extreme Hold Hairspray


    *photo credit to The Mall Cribbs Causeway
    • Boohoo Iveta Checked Double Layer Shift Dress
    • Marks & Spencer 40 denier black tights
    • H&M Galaxy Platform Boots
    • New Look Handbag
    • Swarovski Necklace

    • Paco Rabanna Black XS

    Thursday, 5 November 2015

    Fashion | The H&M Galaxy Platform Boots


    These are the H&M Galaxy Platform boots. I first saw them in a haul by Amy Valentine, a well-known blogger, whose style I've always admired. As soon as I set eyes on these boots I knew I had to have them.

    Anyone who knows me will know that I LOVE BOOTS. I only really ever wear boots and will take them through the whole year- even in the heat of summer. 

    So I love boots, I love galaxy print and I love platform what wasn't to love about these? It is what I can describe as a canvas-type material and it has the galaxy, stars, moons and planets all over them. My favourite way to style them is with some black tights as it really makes the galaxy print stand out, just like how it would in the black of space.

    I find that the shoelaces are quite long so I do like to do a double bow. The boots are really comfortable and easy to walk in which is a pretty good plus. They are £29.99.

    I know I will find a lot of use out of them!

    What are your favourite type of shoe?

    Wednesday, 4 November 2015

    Urban Decay De-Slick Make Up Setting Spray


    I'm sorry I've been away so much. After I was ill the last time, a couple of days later I managed to get ill again! So much so I actually did have to go to hospital on Halloween. But anyway, I just wanted to explain why I've been away from my blog for so long. I'm not avoiding it, it's just being ill for so long is taking all of my energy away from me! 

    This is the Urban Decay De-Slick Make Up Setting Spray. I received the travel size version as a present which I was extremely excited about as I had been wanting it for ages! Make up setting sprays act like a hairspray for your face: you can use them after applying your make up to help set it in place, ensuring it is long lasting and doesn't budge on or off your face.

    To describe it, this setting spray is 'paraben and oil-free' and claims to have 'temperature control technology' and 'oil control'.The instructions say to 'Spray over face in 'X' and 'T' formation. Spray 2-4 times'. The 'X' formation would be to cover what I would describe as your base, whilst the 'T' formation would make sure your T-Zone, eyes and lips are covered.

    This product has positives for using when going on holiday. For starters, the 'temperature control technology' means it would make your make up last even in the warmest of days. This made me confident that my make up would stay when I brought it to Spain with me and it did just that. When I am abroad I can find my make up can go a bit funny in the heat but I fortunately did not have this problem when I was using this spray. Another positive for it being used on holiday is that you can buy a travel size for holiday. The travel size has 30ml in it, making it come under the liquid limit so you can pack it in your hand luggage. It ensures easy carrying and will last the duration of your holiday.

    The claim of it having 'oil control' is a great sign for those with oilier skin types. Personally, I can get quite an oily T-Zone throughout the day, especially my nose, which means the oil goes through my foundation and can make me look a bit shiny. The oil control part of this spray I do believe helps keep my oil at bay and cancels out the chances of a shiny face; thus meaning I don't have to do some extra powdering later on in the day.

    The only part of I don't agree with is the instructions. I only spray it once in a 'X' and once in a 'T', maybe twice each for an extra long day, because I feel more than 2 times is more than necessary. Also, especially when this is only travel size and not full size I don't want to do 3-4 sprays and use it all up quickly!

    I really love this product. I definitely find it makes my make up stay in place longer and I always use it when I am on a night out or have a long shift at work. If you're planning to make your make up go from day to night, you might certainly want to consider this. I was worried before I used it that it would feel like hairspray on the face and make my skin tight. However, you don't notice it's there!

    It is kind of pricey (particularly for me who is on a budget) at £21.00. The travel size is a better price at £9.00 and is more my area of budget. However, because I love this product so much I would consider spending the full amount on it. I also think this would be a fantastic Christmas present for any beauty lover because not only would it help their make up stay in place, it is a well-known higher-end brand which you can pick your budget for: £9.00 for the travel size or £21.00 for the full price. I will certainly be putting it on my Christmas list so I can replenish mine when it runs out.

    Have you used a make up setting spray before? Let me know!