Thursday, 5 November 2015

Fashion | The H&M Galaxy Platform Boots


These are the H&M Galaxy Platform boots. I first saw them in a haul by Amy Valentine, a well-known blogger, whose style I've always admired. As soon as I set eyes on these boots I knew I had to have them.

Anyone who knows me will know that I LOVE BOOTS. I only really ever wear boots and will take them through the whole year- even in the heat of summer. 

So I love boots, I love galaxy print and I love platform what wasn't to love about these? It is what I can describe as a canvas-type material and it has the galaxy, stars, moons and planets all over them. My favourite way to style them is with some black tights as it really makes the galaxy print stand out, just like how it would in the black of space.

I find that the shoelaces are quite long so I do like to do a double bow. The boots are really comfortable and easy to walk in which is a pretty good plus. They are £29.99.

I know I will find a lot of use out of them!

What are your favourite type of shoe?

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  1. Hi! My friend really liked these but i cant find them anywhere... H&M store says they are sold out but even then they just show a pure black version.. help!