Sunday, 16 April 2017

Mini Sephora Haul


Last year I did my first ever Sephora haul from Paris. This year, I am coming at you with another mini Sephora haul, also from Paris (photos from the trip coming soon)! I was lucky enough to have a Sephora nearby my hotel in the mall next to us.

The first thing I think of when I think of Sephora is their face masks. So, I picked up a few. Their face masks are sheet masks, meaning they're super easy to apply. You're able to mix and match them like a pick 'n' mix and they're at a very affordable price.

The first one I picked up is the Sephora Avocado face mask which is for nourishing and repairing. I used this mask last year (and reviewed it), and really enjoyed it.

The second one that caught my eye was the Pearl face mask, for perfecting and brightening. I normally always go for face masks designed for acne or for dry skin, so I wanted to try something a bit different. Plus, the idea of pearl caught my eye!

The last mask I picked up was the Charcoal nose strip. I don't remember seeing these last year and I wanted to get it because I have not done a charcoal nose trip in years. They're good for pulling out blackheads and other impurities.

In usual Sephora style, I was also given a sample of the Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum. I didn't notice I had been given this until I got home from Paris, which is a little annoying as I had forgotten to bring my perfume with me so this would have been useful!

I was also mesmerised by the Kat Von D stand they had. I knew France recently got Kat Von D Beauty in store, so I was hoping to see it! Although we can buy Kat Von D Beauty from Debenhams here in the UK, it's only online which means you can't see the colours in person. I made sure I took a good look at the formulas and colours of different items so I know what I want to buy when I can.

I am a bit disappointed I didn't buy any make up, but I knew I didn't have enough euros left to buy anything. I nearly bought a nude lip liner, but forced myself to put it down for the sake of having euros. I will try to bring more next time!