Monday, 18 August 2014

The Best Student Handbag/Tote Bag!


As a student I need to have a big, sturdy bag that can fit multiple textbooks and papers inside of it. On the other hand I also want a bag that is stylish and suits my personality. On top of this I also need a fairly reasonable price as we aren't made of money!

Well here is the answer! The Avery Studded Double Pocket Tote Bag from Boohoo.

This bag suits me perfectly. I absolutely love studs and the colour black so when I came across this bag I instantly fell in love! It is the perfect size for carrying around books and has a lot of space for much more. There are two big zip up pockets on the front to hold things and two above them which are longer yet thinner. Another big zip up pocket is found on the inside, along with another pocket on the inside and a smaller one for your phone. Sounds perfect!

Even better, I only had to pay £8.99 as it is on sale from £17.99! Bargain! 

I have already had lots of use from this bag. I found it was perfect to take to the beach with me as it held my beach towel and everything else I needed. Then, I took it on holiday with me which was great to carry round my holiday essentials. Plus today I went to the library and it was perfect for carrying all my library books home!

I am super impressed with this bag and would definitely recommend it to students or those of you who need to carry laptops, notebooks etc.

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