Saturday, 2 August 2014

July Instagram Round Up!


Here is my monthly Instagram round up. Please note this is from my personal Instagram and not my Blog Instagram.
Personal Instagram: @BrionyBea (click it!)
Blog Instagram: @SincerelyBrionyBea (click it!)

1. My netted tights I have been absolutely loving in the month of July when it is too warm for tights but not warm enough for shorts!
2. Videos from my brother's army day including apache helicopters and their parade marching.
3. My friend is moving to Australia so we had a leaving party!
4. My watermelon nail art which I made a post about recently!
5. I dyed my hair a blackcurrant colour and I abolutely love it!
6. A selfie with my new circle sunglasses from New Look.
7. Shopping haul! (post coming soon)
8. Models Own Nails!
9. A photo of me and my boyfriend Shane when we went on a day trip to the seaside!
10. TAP into the good life- a top for all tap dancers!

What is your instagram? Let me know!

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