Monday, 13 June 2016

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Spray

I love Soap & Glory products. I love their make up and their bath/shower products. The products are great, the packaging is great and the brand is just a fun brand over all.

One range they have is called Sugar Crush. Sugar Crush is an extremely sweet smell with vanilla musk, sweet lime, ginger and essential lemon oil. To me it smells strongly of sugary lemon and reminds me of a cross between Lush sugar lip scrubs and lime. I would hazard a guess that the scent is one of those scents that you love or you hate. If you have a sweet tooth I would definitely recommend the scent but if you don't then you might find it far too sickly! I personally love the scent and think it's perfect for a bright summer's day.

The packaging of the body spray is also nice. It is in a tall, pink bottle with a picture of a lovely looking lady holding a lime; the typical style you expect from Soap & Glory products. You get 100ml of product and is £4.00 which I think is a fairly reasonable price.

My downfall with the body spray is that I don't really find it lasts at all. In my experience the smell doesn't linger on my skin for long and I'm pretty sure it is gone by half an hour. Because of this I do like to ensure I use perfume on my neck and wrists so I know I smell nice. It's nice to freshen up with as it's such a fun, sweet smell and could easily be carried around in a handbag to top up during the day but because the smell doesn't last whatsoever I won't be repurchasing this. I don't expect major long lasting power from body sprays but I do expect them to actually make me smell nice after the process of spraying it!

Do you love or hate the Sugar Crush scent?

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