Monday, 7 April 2014

March Favourites

Hello BumbleBeas!

My March favourites comes a bit late as it was birthday the other day so it has all been a bit hectic! A big 
birthday post will be coming this week. :-)

1. Real Techniques- Expert Face Brush

This is my ultimate favourite for this month and possibly even my favourite of 2014 so far! I am so glad I bought this brush as it applies my foundation wonderfully which gives me more confidence. I would definitely recommend this brush over other ones. To see my full review on it, click here.

2. Seventeen Metallic Cream
I have owned this for a long while now but only started using it at the beginning of March. I like to apply it daily on my eyelids to brighten them! To read my full review, click here.

3 .  American Horror Story 
My friend recommended this TV programme to me over a year or so ago and I am so annoyed at myself that it took me so long to watch it! If you like programmes with dark, weird twists then this is the programme for you. It has been described as a horror/erotic horror/supernatural series, but it isn't too 'erotic' before that may put you off! I'll admit it isn't for everyone but I personally absolutely love it and I watched the first series within a day and a half on Netflix. I've heard the other series aren't as good as the first one but I am going to watch them anyway. 10/10!!

4. The Body Shop Tea Tree Night Cream
I have used this product before but somehow stopped using it. But, I fell back in love with it since the beginning of 2014 and once again I use it religiously every night! You put it on before you got to bed and is good for acne and acne scarring. I will write up a full in-depth review on it soon so stay tuned!

5. Collection Lasting Perfection Foundation & Concealer
Although I have been using the concealer for years now, this is the first one I have used since they changed their name from Collection 2000 to Collection, changed the packaging and shades. It as great as it always has been! I never realised they had it in foundation form until recently so when I finally realised I instantly picked it up! It goes so well with the concealer and I feel my make up look so much better with it. I will certainly be buying the lasting perfection powder to complete the collection! (no pun intended)
Full in-depth reviews will be coming soon!

So that is my March favourites! What do you think? Do you use any of these products? Let me know!


  1. I'd love to see a review on the Collection foundation!

    1. Thanks for reading! There will definitely be a review, possibly posted end of this week or next week! :-)