Monday, 31 March 2014

March Instagram Round Up!

Hello BumbleBeas!

This is my monthly Instagram round up.

1. Nails! At the beginning of the month I did gothic metallic nails. Next I did blue nails with black bows on them and by the end of the month I went slightly more girly and did a pastel purple with black vines climbing up it!
2. Nail Throwbacks- I uploaded a few nail designs from about a year ago which includes Pokeball nails and Pacman nails. I so want to do them again, but better!
3. I bought the Rimmel Moisture Renew Dark Night Waterl-oops! AND IT IS AMAZING! I love it.
4. I bought the Expert Face Brush from Real Techniques and now I use it religiously.
5. I bought a new necklace/choker from Bohomoon with a snake wrapping round it. A blog post for that will be coming soon!
6. OOTD's: I uploaded a photo of me in my funky half black and half tartan trousers along with one of my skeleton top made out of butterflies. I also uploaded a photo of my top with the zombie version of Ariel on it! Nice.

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I will always follow you guys back.

What is your Instagram? Let me know!

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