Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Birthday Activities + Divergent (film) Review!

Hello BumbleBeas!

My birthday was on Thursday but I didn't do anything until Friday and Saturday.

I went for a meal to Bella Italia with my friends Emily (, Ruby (, Robyn and Antonia. It was a lot of fun and I ate tomato pasta with cookie dough and ice cream for dessert!

Afterwards, we went to see the film Divergent! We are all pretty die-hard fans of the books so for months we had been waiting for that day! We saw it the first day it came out in the UK and I'm pretty sure we nearly hyperventilated in the cinema. It was super good and we are planning to see it again soon. It sticks to the book quite well and definitely lived up to the standards I set up for it! I seriously recommend it whether you have read the books or not.
(Three of us dressed up as Dauntless from Divergent!)
(galaxy tights!)


I went to Bella Italia AGAIN (you can tell I like it, right?) with my family, There were 10 of us so it was a pretty big do! It was lots of fun and my sister Kimberley surprised me by baking me a cake (shown above) which the waiters/waitresses carried in with lit candles on with everyone singing happy birthday! The cake was extra special as it is a recipe me and my sister used to make together ALL the time for every occasion until she moved out and had my niece. Slightly embarrassing. The funny part was that one of the candles was a trick candle that after you blow it out lights itself back up again!

I had a great birthday and I really appreciate all the things my family and friends did for me to make it special. I love you all!

Have you seen Divergent or are you planning to? What do you think of it or the books? Let me know!

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