Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Getting Organised #2: DIY Medication Storage

Hey BumbleBeas!
One area I needed to get organised with was with my medication. I am on constant medication and I have found that I sometimes lose them underneath all my other stuff! When I was tidying out the drawer I kept all my medication in, I found 7 MONTHS WORTH OF MEDICATION! I thought I only had 2 months left! That just proves how disorganised I am.

So I realised I needed to store and look after my medication better. I was sat there for a long while wondering what I could do and what my medication could fit in. But then I realised: I already know my medication fits in the boxes it comes in!

So my first step was to collect all my medication that I didn't realise I had together and got rid of all the packaging of them apart from one. 

I then decided that considering I will be always be using it I may as well make the storage funky! I grabbed some left over wrapping paper and glued it around the box to make it look nicer.

Next, I wrote 'Medication' on a white square and stuck it on the front. Just to look nicer I grabbed a glittery nail varnish and painted it around the sign.

Finally I put all my medication in it and that was that!

Since doing this I have found it much easier to keep track of my medication and keep it in one place without unnecessary packaging. Furthermore the way I made it 'pretty' really just adds to its appearance rather than just having a boring looking storage holder with complicated medical terms on it.

So what do you think? Let me know! Please check out my first post and others coming up by the 'Getting Organised' tag.

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