Saturday, 1 March 2014

February Instagram Round Up!

Hey BumbleBeas!

As the beginning of March is upon us it is time for the monthly Instagram round up! My February Favourites will also be up fairly soon.

  • The videos are of me doing some tap dancing.
  • I painted my nails polka dot at the beginning of Feb and had glittery nails with spots of colour by the end
  • I took photos of my new choker, new lipstick and new eyeshadow
  • I received a package from Bomb Cosmetics (unboxing and first looks coming soon!)
  • I showed my surprise at how many nail varnishes I had and entered a giveaway
  • Tagged my boyfriend in a funny The Walking Dead valentines day card as he is a big fan and we decided not to do anything for Valentines

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What did you do in February? Let me know!

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