Sunday, 27 March 2016

Rimmel The Only 1 'One-of-a-Kind' Lipstick

The Only 1 range claims to have high impact colour, be long lasting and moisturising to wear. This is why they're called the Only 1 range as they say that these lipsticks do everything that you would want from a lipstick and would be the only ones you need. The range are in black, sleek packaging with a circle of colour near the end which matches true to the colour of lipstick. 

'One-of-a-Kind' is a bright red berry shade which is one of my favourite colours to wear. I have unintentionally bought so many lipsticks in a berry shade! It is a matte colour, not so matte as the MAC ones but matte with a slight sheen. I do really enjoy this colour and wear it often, especially to work. The colour pigment is certainly high and creates a very opaque lip. The lipstick bullet is slanted which I like as it makes it easier to apply and work around the shape of your lips. 

In addition to loving the colour and the shape of the bullet, I also like how it feels on the lips. I agree with the claim that it is moisturising as it glides on the lips wonderfully without dragging. It does not feel drying at all and doesn't give that 'tight' feeling some lipsticks can give. The application is easy and you don't really need to layer it on. 

Despite liking quite a few things about the lipstick, I do have some faults with it! The main one being- it smells so BAD! I had heard this before I received the lipstick but I still wasn't prepared! Fortunately you cannot smell it once it's on but it really does smell awful. I don't even know how to describe it. However, this does not stop me using it. The other thing I dislike about the lipstick is how it bleeds. Rimmel state that these lipsticks have really good staying power, and although it does stay on well if you don't eat or drink or only eat/drink a small amount, if you eat something slightly greasy or a big meal then it bleeds so badly! If I am at work and have a little snack and a quick drink in my break it is fine, but by the end of tea time it has bled into all the lines around my lips and smudged out at the corner of my lips. It then becomes hard to apply over top and fix and would be far easier to just remove and then reapply from the start. I would expect it to fade when eating a meal, but not to bleed so much! Plus this is in use with a lip liner. 

To conclude, there are things I like about this lipstick and things that I don't. I love this colour, the packaging, the bullet, application and how moisturising it is. On the downside it smells awful, bleeds and smudges like nothing else. Despite the downfalls I honestly do like this lipstick and I wear it very frequently. I wouldn't recommend it if you were going out for a meal but if it's just to wear throughout the day without a big meal then it is going to stay on just fine. I would buy another one of these lipsticks as the price is also great at £6.99 and I would buy it as a present. 

Have you used any of these lipsticks?

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