Friday, 25 March 2016

Makeup Geek & Z palette

Hello all!

I had known of Makeup Geek for a long while due to being subscribed to her on YouTube, so when I saw Makeup Geek had come to Beauty Bay I knew I wanted to try out the eye shadows. It seems all YouTubers and bloggers alike love them and I've never heard a bad word about them! As for Z Palette, again I heard about them plenty of times from YouTube/blogs and I knew a lot of make up lovers had been using their Z Palettes to store Makeup Geek pans. It seems like a match made in heaven!

Lets talk about Z Palette first. For anyone who doesn't know, Z palettes are empty make up palettes which are magnetic. You can use them to store pans of make up as they stick like magnets to the palette. The Z palette also comes with little circles and strips of metal just in case the product you're decanting doesn't have something it can attract to the magnet. I decided to buy one that fits about 9 small pans in it. I didn't want to spend too much money on the little palette I was going to build and that 9 would be a good amount. The bigger Z palettes are more expensive but I figure they would be really useful for saving space in your make up collection if you can decant a whole bunch of them. I chose the leopard print because it stood out and I have a bad habit of going for the black colour of everything in my life!

As for the eyeshadows, I knew I wanted to a build a collection of colours which I think are missing from my collection. My plan isn't to make a coordinated palette of colours that would necessarily go together, but rather find colours I am missing in my collection. For example, although Makeup Geek do absolutely stunning blues, I already own many shades of blue so will try to steer clear of them!

I've so far bought two colours. The first colour I picked was a matte eyeshadow called 'Curfew'. Despite the fact that I love the colour purple I don't really have many shades of purple in my collection so I picked out this. In photos it looks more pink than purple but it does come out more of a light purple on the eyes! The second colour I chose was 'Secret Garden' from the duo-chrome collection. I knew straight away I wanted a green eyeshadow as I don't believe I own a green one otherwise. This is stunning and is high-shine; showing different tones of the moss green in various lights. It is certainly beautiful and I even filmed a video of it on my Instagram to show how the colour varies in light.

Now let me tell you: These eyeshadows are the SOFTEST eyeshadows I have ever used! The Urban Decay eyeshadows are fantastic in the fact that they are so damn buttery, however these Makeup Geek ones feel so soft! It seems bizarre to describe an eyeshadow as soft but when I was using them I couldn't get over how soft they felt to apply and blend without any tugging. They glide on and blend so perfectly! Lasting power does seem to be pretty impressive too and I am just so incredibly eager to expand my collection.

There's something so satisfying about building your own palette and I really do recommend it to all you make up lovers out there. You can build a palette of multiple shades of one colour, a palette of colours that would all go together for various looks or like me, include colours missing from your make up collection already. When you buy palettes sometimes there will be 1 or 2 colours you don't use or like so much, which you don't really run the risk of when creating your own!

I am planning to buy my next few soon so I will certainly update you all on the progress of my palette. Do you like Makeup Geek Eyeshadows?

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