Thursday, 3 March 2016

Nails | Red & Textured

So far this year I have had gel nails done professionally (for the first time!) but now I have started to paint my own nails again for a while. They may chip more easily and take more time for me to do but it is definitely a cheaper option and I have more of a colour range at home!

On the majority of my nails I am wearing Essie 'Jump In My Jump Suit' which I got in a Essie Winter Collection back in 2014. It is an ever so slightly deeper red and gives that classy look to your nails. 

As accent nails, I painted my ring fingers a different colour. For this I used the BarryM Nail Paint Textured Nail Effects in 'Countess' (which instantly makes me think of Lady Gaga in American Horror Story). The base of this nail colour is brown with hints of purple. There are also gold flecks in it which help make up the textured feel. It is hard to describe but the nail polish feels bumpy with grains. I like this because it adds something else to your manicure and looks pretty cool! Additionally it seems to make the nail polish last longer as they haven't chipped at all!

What are on your nails?

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