Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Lush | So White Bath Bomb

So White (a clear play on of Snow White) doesn't look like an exciting bath bomb. Contrary to Lush's usual style, this bath bomb is just a plain white round ball of fizz. However, if you look closely at it you can see flecks of baby pink, suggesting that this bath bomb is about what's on the inside. 

Let me tell you, this is the slowest fizzing bath bomb I have ever used! I usually wait for my bath bomb to fizz out before I climb into the bath but with this one I had to get in otherwise it would've have gone cold! I didn't time how long it took to fizz out but I'm pretty sure it took the longest out of all the bath bombs I've tried over the years.

Despite it not being the quickest of fizzers, it certainly is one of the most active ones. This one travels all around your bath in a rolling motion and doesn't really stay still. At first it fizzes white, which you would expect, but then lets of bursts of red/pink colours whilst the white forms in to froth sitting at the top of the water. I like it when bath bombs have white froth that sits on top of the water because it usually makes it quite soft and leaves a moisturising feel on your skin. By the time it's done you are left with a baby pink coloured bath. Not my most favourite of colours, but nevertheless pretty. 

The ingredients include citric acid, cream of tartar, orange blossom absolute and bergamot oil. I didn't notice any particular smell but you would think from the ingredients that it would have some sort of citrus scent. 

So White is unfortunately unavailable right now as it is part of the Christmas range, however this is a repeat product so will most likely be around next Christmas too.

Overall this bath bomb was nice but not to my usual taste of exciting bath bombs. But if you love pink and white and the bath bombs that are just simple then this would be one for you.

Have you used So White?

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