Saturday, 5 March 2016

Fashion | The Faux Fur Coat

At the beginning of last year I didn't really think much of the faux fur coat trend. If anything, I thought they were a bit over the top looking. Yet nearer the end of the year I started to really like how it looked so my Mum got me one for Christmas.

This is the black faux fur shawl collar coat from New Look. It was originally £44.99 but is currently on sale at £25.99. It is the black version and isn't a long fur coat as it sits on your hip. You have the option of having it open or you can do it up with 3 hidden hooks on the inner part of the material. 

I love and adore this so much. It is SOOOO warm! I love being able to snuggle up in this when I have to face the cold weather and it really does help to keep me insulated. I have also been known to have it over me as a blanket inside and rest my head into the fur collar. 

I also love how much it brings to an outfit. I could just be wearing a simple jeans and top combo and this coat would just bring some edginess and what I like to call 'sassiness' to it. But my favourite way to wear it though is with leggings. I currently like to pair it with these wet look leggings with zips on the knees and boots with buckles which really gives me the biker/rocker vibe. It is also lovely with a tight fitting dress and it does admittedly make you feel quite confident.

In terms of sizing, I am normally a size 10 and I found that the size 10 fit me fine. I did consider going up to size 12 but it looked slightly too bulky on me. My Mum also bought my sister one but we decided to go up a size because her normal size would have been too tight around her chest. So if you have a bigger chest ladies, it may be worth going up a size!

I will say though that if you are going to have a coat like this then you need to check the weather forecast beforehand. You don't want to be caught in the heavy rain with this on because the fur gets soaked and you have no hood! Also, you will get the occasion hair that sheds. It isn't loads which can be annoying but you will notice one or two hairs (which always somehow seem to end up stuck to my face).

I'm really feeling the faux fur coat trend and I hope it stays because I am so down with that! Do you own a faux fur coat?

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