Monday, 14 March 2016

MAC | Sin Lipstick

I swatched this lipstick on my trip to Dublin so when I got home I bought it straight away! This is MAC Sin. It is a matte lipstick and on the MAC website is described as a 'deep dark blue red'. In my own words, I would describe it as a dark, bold brown with hints of of a dark red.

This lipstick just screamed my name! I am a lover of a dark, bold lip so this colour is very me. I mostly only wear matte lipsticks as it is my favourite finish and it is certainly very matte.  I love how it looks on my lips and I like to wear it when I'm channelling my 'inner goth'. It would certainly be a great colour for Winter and Autumn, however I would certainly wear this all year round. 

Unfortunately it does have some downfalls. It takes so long to apply!! It is a very dry texture as I do find with MACs very matte lipsticks. This means it kind of drags on your lips and probably wouldn't do so well on dry lips. Also, because of the colour you need to make sure you apply carefully because if you mess up the outline of your lips then it takes a lot to correct. I don't use a lip liner with this but I am certainly considering buying one for this to make application easier. It is probably the lipstick that takes me the longest to apply as you've got to get the shape perfect. A lip brush is your best friend with this! My other negative is that it is a lipstick you need to keep an eye on during the day for maintenance. If I eat or drink I lose a lot of the colour on the sides of my upper lip which is very obvious with such a dark colour. It's alright on my lower lip but you will need to reapply around the sides of your mouth. 

Despite it being a high maintenance lipstick, I still love it and do not regret buying it. It is one of my favourite colours to wear on my lips and I find myself always wanting to look at it! If you don't mind a bit of maintenance and have time available to you so you can take time to apply it right, then this lipstick is totally worth it. A steady hand is needed and practice makes perfect. It wouldn't be one you could apply quickly when you're running late but it would be the one to make a statement and bring your make up look together. 

Do you love a dark, bold lip? I do no matter what time of the year!

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