Thursday, 14 January 2016

My Current Scrub #5

It's that time again!

Last week I finished by scrub from #4 and so this week I bring you my current body scrub #5. This is The Body Shop Coconut Sugar Body Scrub. As the big fan of The Body Shop body scrubs that I am, I had them on my Christmas list for 2015 and ended up with two of these coconut ones. 

The scrub smells deliciously strong of coconut and seems more abrasive than some of the other body scrubs by The Body Shop. There are brown beads in it which contributes to the exfoliating and it did seem to be more rough than some of other ones I have tried, such as the mango one. However, this is not a bad thing. It isn't too abrasive- just a good balance! You can definitely tell it is doing the job and leaves a moisturising feel afterwards.

Overall I do like this scrub and I am thankful that I have another tub of this. Because of the size, I think it will last me quite a few months!

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