Saturday, 23 January 2016

Hair | VO5 Nourish My Shine Bedazzling Oil Heat Protector


I'm not one really for hair products. As someone who dyes their hair, I like to keep my hair routine the same and healthy as possible to make my hair colour last as long as possible. I get afraid that if I change it up, something might go wrong with my hair or something might strip my hair of its colour. Sounds crazy I know, but keeping my hair colour vibrant is the most important thing to me about my hair.

I've used the same heat protector for years. 5 years maybe? 6? I have always used the L'Oreal Studio Line Hot & Smooth Cream. So when my Mum bought me something new instead of that I was nervous, but decided to give it a try.

This is the VO5 Nourish My Shine Bedazzling Oil Heat Protector. It is in a long bottle that claims to 'add intense shine & conditions' with a 'lightweight formula' which 'defends against heat damage'. I straighten my hair so this is important to me. In addition, hair colour can be known to make your hair drier so something that nourishes it is a bonus. The product contains glycerin which is known for moisturising properties. 

Because there is oil in it, the actual product separates inside the bottle. The bottom half is pink and the top half (the oil), sits on top. To use this you need to remember to shake it vigorously so the two halves mix. I then spray it evenly over the entirety of my towelled dry hair from roots to ends, ensuring that I cover it all. I've discovered that I prefer to do this after I have found my parting and brushed my hair, as opposed to before it. I find that if I do it after I have found my parting and brushed it out that it covers more easily and helps to flatten annoying little baby hairs that stick out. 

9/10 times I let my hair completely dry naturally, but occasionally I have to give it a helping hand with a hair-dryer to make sure my hair is dry in time to leave the house. Whether I use a hair-dryer or not, my hair is always left with a shine thanks to this product which I get complimented on frequently. My hair does not feel dry at all and instead feels soft and clean. I was worried that because it was oil that it would weigh my hair down and make it look greasy but fortunately it does not do this. It seems that you can't go wrong with this product and no matter how much you spray on, it will not weigh down your hair! Because I do like to put a lot on seeing as I have long hair. 

Not only does it add shine but I feel like it does protect from heat. I always find that my hair colour fades the most and the quickest at the front of my 'fringe' because I always straighten that part of my hair everyday. However, since I have been using this I have not noticed the annoying faded part at the front of my 'fringe'. 

So overall I really rate this spray. It does everything that it claims to do and is sooooo much easier to use that the cream I used to use before! With the cream it was harder to cover my hair, felt like I used a lot of product and it would get all over my hands. I've been using this bottle for 4 months and it is still nowhere near finishing, whereas with the hair cream I used previous it would run out fairly quickly. I would recommend this to people who use heat on their hair and/or want to add some shine to their hair.

You can buy this 200ml bottle for the bargain price of £3.00 at Boots.

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