Sunday, 17 January 2016

Lush | Father Christmas Bath Bomb


We all probably know by now that I love Lush and do like reviewing Lush products, so it is by no surprise that today I bring a review on the Father Christmas bath bomb. I debated whether there was any point reviewing a limited edition Christmas bath bomb now that they aren't available but I decided it was for 3 reasons. 1) There may be a few people who got this bath bomb for Christmas and haven't used it yet so may be interested to see what it will be like. 2) The Father Christmas bath bomb is a repeat product so will be likely to be available at the end of 2016 too. 3) Who doesn't like reading Lush reviews anyway?!

The Father Christmas bath bomb, like you would expect from the name, represents Father Christmas. It is a round pink ball with Santa's face carved out in white. Because of this, you'd think your bath water would turn a pale pink. But does it? Oh no. Instead, your bath turns a wonderful, bright Christmas green with white froth floating at the top of the water. The bath bomb fizzes at a medium pace, letting out bursts of green which come to surprise you. 

So I've tried to do a bit of research about the ingredients of this bath bomb because it is not on the Lush website any longer and I couldn't pinpoint a smell when I used it. The bath bomb does include citric acid and synthetic musk, and so some reviews I have read has said that it has a citrus scent to it. On the other hand, I have read elsewhere that the scent is the same as Snow Fairy. It may be that they have changed the scent of the bath bomb over the years, but to be honest I couldn't smell anything strong from it anyway, which doesn't bother me. Additionally, it doesn't seem to have any butters in the ingredients but I did find it to make the water slightly soft, thus giving a moisturising feeling to my skin.

Apart from the mystery of the scent and ingredients, I quite liked this bath bomb. My favourite type are the type that surprise you and this green really did surprise you considering it comes from a pink and white bath bomb! I loved the colour and it is probably up there in my favourite colours from bath bombs. I enjoyed it and wouldn't mind using it again next Christmas. So thanks for that bath, Father Christmas!

Also, I did film this bath bomb fizzing out on my Instagram. So if you'd like to see my demo of it, please visit my instagram @BrionyBea!

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