Friday, 1 January 2016

2015, My Year In Review & 2016 Goals

Hey all!

Happy new year! A year ago I made a blog post about my 2015 new year resolutions. I thought I would revisit those resolutions and see what came of them:

  • "I hope to continue to fight my anxiety and say yes to more things". I think I mostly managed this. I have gone to gatherings/parties which in previous years I would have said no to. I also took (and passed) my driving theory test finally which I had been putting off for months and months because I was too anxious to do it!

  • "Make more friends". I didn't particularly make any new friends. However, I have rekindled old friendships, became closer to current friends and made acquaintances in the job I began later on in 2015. This is something I really need to work on in 2016!

  • "Save enough money to go travelling hopefully starting in 2015." Well, I have been saving to go away and I did start my travelling in 2015! I went away for a week with friends which was the first time I had been away with just friends and not family before.

  • "Have financial stability enough to go do little fun things even if it is a weekend by the seaside with my boyfriend." I also managed this! I went to Brighton for the weekend with my boyfriend and it was a really lovely time. I had never been to Brighton before and I would like to do a little weekend away again. 

I'd also like to remember all the things I achieved and saw throughout the year. I think it is good to remember your accomplishments and think of all the things that made you feel good.

  1. My niece turned 2
  2. My nephew turned 1
  3. My boyfriend and I had our 2nd year anniversary
  4. I celebrated my 18th birthday
  5. My boyfriend and I went to Brighton for the weekend
  6. I did my A Level exams and passed them
  7. I left sixth form 
  8. I got accepted into my chosen university for 2016
  9. I began my gap year
  10. I went on my first holiday abroad alone with friends
  11. I passed my driving theory test
  12. I got a permanent job
  13. I put more time and effort into my blog
  14. Saw the musical Annie which has been on my bucket list for years as it is one of my favourite musicals.
  15. Saw Putting On the Ritz which is also one of my favourite musicals and was on my bucket list to see.

2015 was a really stressful but rewarding year for me. My time in sixth form trying to prepare for my exams and get good enough grades to get into university was so stressful, upsetting and hard for me. But I was greatly rewarded by achieving it, being able to leave education and start my gap year. For the last half of 2015 I have been able to put more effort into things I like and start concentrating on my well-being.

I have really high hopes for 2016. I am really hoping this is going to be 'my year' where it is all about doing things to help my own personal progression. My goals for 2016 are:

  1. Go travelling as much as I can. I want to definitely go interrailing with friends and book whatever else I can whether it is alone or with my boyfriend. Go as many places as I can basically!
  2. Make more friends in and outside work.
  3. Continue to control my anxiety and say yes to more things.
  4. Get back into my hobby of tap dancing and learn at least 2 new dances.
  5. Continue to put more effort into my blog and reach 200 Bloglovin' followers.
  6. Do a big clear out and organise my bedroom.
  7. Take and pass my driving test.
  8. Begin University in September with confidence to make friends and learn what I can.
  9. Start to save up money to buy myself a car.

So I guess we will have to wait until the end of 2016 to see if I achieve my goals. I'm pretty determined to!

What are your goals for 2016?

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