Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Kiko Milano Intensely Lavish Lipstick & Lip Liner 06 'Melodious Wine'

Hello all!

Over 2015 Kiko was becoming a more and more known brand and bloggers seemed to really be trying out their products. This was the year I also discovered Kiko, first buying items from them in Spain then more so when they brought a Kiko store to my local mall. 

On my first purchase in the the store near me, I purchased these: The Intensely Lavish Lipstick and Lip Liner in 06 'Melodious Wine' from their Rebel Romantic Collection. At first I fell in love with the packaging- it looks so luxurious! The lipstick is in a gold container which clicks together with a magnet. I cannot tell you how satisfying that clicking noise is! The packaging screams luxurious and even the lip liner with the true-to-colour pencil with gold lid is beautiful. 

I then swatched the colours and immediately knew I had to buy them. The colour is an extremely pigmented and rich, creamy wine colour of darker red with purple tones that matches my reddy-purple hair colour. The colour can look slightly different in various lights which I absolutely love. I wouldn't describe it as an extreme matte like the retro mattes from MAC, But it isn't glossy either. The only way I can describe it is that it looks like a creamy matte as opposed to a drying matte; a matte with a sheen that adds texture and dimension.

The ingredients of the product include orchid extract, corn oil and gotu kola. These must be what make the lipstick and lip liner so creamy and not leave you with that super dry feeling. Because of the creaminess of them they feel moisturising on the lips and glide on so easily without any tugging. Bonus!

So what about lasting power? Well, if you're doing a long day without much eating or drinking then it is going to last. The majority of the time I wear these to work and the colour lasts all day and doesn't fade. Most of the time I don't have a break at work so I am not eating or drinking. However, I've found that eating and drinking don't last so well as the colour disappears from the sides of my mouth, leaving that terrible ring around your lips. I've tried this colour on a dinner date and on a night out down town and it doesn't last the food or alcohol well! Despite this, the colour does reapply well over the top of a previous layer without going funny so you can reapply throughout the day if you wish to.

The lip liner goes on smooth and really helps to make your lips look fuller and bigger. I find it so easy to over line my top lip slightly and it it isn't noticeably over drawn. I don't think you necessarily need a lip liner with this lipstick as it applies so well, however it does definitely help to make that sharp line and to over draw. When you sharpen the lip liner it doesn't create sharp edges and seems a long enough pencil that it won't be wasted straight away.

In conclusion I absolutely love and adore this lipstick and lip liner combo from Kiko. I think it would work perfectly for people with slightly drier lips and would also make a good gift, as I found when I gave the same set to my friend for Christmas. They are such a bargain price also with the lipstick being £6.90, however the collection is currently on sale at £3.40! Such a fantastic price and I love it so much that I would want to buy it again and again forever. It really makes a make up look and makes me feel like I am having a confident make up day. The colour is down right intense! It is such a shame it is a limited edition collection! If you're reading Kiko, which you're probably not, make this a permanent part of your collection! I hope I can find the same colour in their permanent collection of lipsticks.

Have you tried any products from Kiko Milano?

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