Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Être Belle Golden Skin Roll On Caviar Eye Gel

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In my December GlossyBox was the Être Belle Golden Skin Roll on Caviar Eye Gel (Long name, much!) It is a clear eye gel that is rolled on by a metal ball onto the eye area. It has Pullan in it which reads as a 'skin-firming active ingredient'. I had never heard of this brand before so I was particularly looking forward to trying this.

The product claims to smooth, relax and refresh tired eyes by cooling and revitalising. It hydrates and smooths swollen eyelids and makes the area firmer. This is probably what everyone wants for their eye area!

I have been using this eye gel as apart of my morning skincare to moisturise the area and give my skin a good base for make up. Additionally, because I tend to wake up with puffy and swollen eyes I use this when I wake up. This is especially good if I've been crying the night before because it works wonders on cooling them down! Because the ball is metal that also helps to the cooling effect. It doesn't completely reduce swelling but it definitely contributes to it. It leaves the eye area wet and cool but doesn't take long to dry.

I then also like to use it in my night time skincare routine to moisturise my eye area. It seems great whether used alone or over my favourite moisturiser. It always leaves the skin feeling moisturised and nourished. The metal ball slides across the eyes with ease and always distributes the gel evenly.

So my only issue with the product is this: It is too expensive! At £30.66 it is certainly on the more luxurious side of skincare which is something I cannot justify to myself. Yes it makes my eyes feel great and soothes them, but I just cannot justify spending £30.66 on it. So I really enjoy what it does for my skin and I am dreading it running out but I will not be purchasing this after. But if you want something to cool your eye area and moisturise it and don't mind spending the money, I would recommend. 

What is your favourite product for your eyes?

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