Thursday, 19 November 2015

Christmas on a Student Budget | Gifts for: The Blogger


Once again I am coming to you with another gift guide aimed at students or anyone else on a budget this Christmas. This time, the gift guide is centred around buying for bloggers.

1. Moleskin 'My list of awesome things to write about' Journal (£5.00). If other bloggers are anything like me, I like to list my blog posts which sometimes come to me at random times such as out and about. Because of this, I always like to have a notebook at hand to jot down my ideas. So this would be great just for that job!

2. Paperchase Birdhouse Magnetic Clip Board, Pad & Pen (£6.00). Another organising gift! I actually have a whiteboard I use to organise my posts on and this is a great alternative to that. This would be good for bloggers who like to plan their posts in details and like to type up posts from paper. Plus, this is such a cute design!

3. Primark Garfield 'Sleep is overrated' PJ Top (£5.00). The PJ top isn't on the Primark website any longer so I can't link it or show you the photo of it, but it will probably still be in store! It is basically a pyjama top with the cat Garfield's face on saying 'Sleep is overrated'. I thought this was a good gift for a blogger because not only is it nice to write blog posts whilst in cosy clothing, but I think a lot of bloggers can relate to losing out on sleep because they're writing blog posts!

4. HURKI Queen of the Bloggers Small Mug (£8.48). A simple mug but a fun one to buy for a fellow blogger friend. Think they're a great blogger? Well let them know!

5. Thorntons Continental Milk, White & Dark Collection (£7.00). I know personally I like to snack on things whilst I write, so I thought a box of varied chocolate would be nice to keep someone going whilst they're typing.

6. 101 Blogging Tips: How To Create a Blog That People Will Find, Read and Share (£2.24). Finally I thought I would include a blogging handbook. Not only would this be great for beginners but it would also be good for those trying to up their blogging game or simply just reinforce their already acquired tips and tricks. It is a nice little kindle book that someone can flick through on their phone or tablet.

That's it for this guide! Click here for my student budget guide to buying home decor and this one here for the make up lover.

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