Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Urban Decay De-Slick Make Up Setting Spray


I'm sorry I've been away so much. After I was ill the last time, a couple of days later I managed to get ill again! So much so I actually did have to go to hospital on Halloween. But anyway, I just wanted to explain why I've been away from my blog for so long. I'm not avoiding it, it's just being ill for so long is taking all of my energy away from me! 

This is the Urban Decay De-Slick Make Up Setting Spray. I received the travel size version as a present which I was extremely excited about as I had been wanting it for ages! Make up setting sprays act like a hairspray for your face: you can use them after applying your make up to help set it in place, ensuring it is long lasting and doesn't budge on or off your face.

To describe it, this setting spray is 'paraben and oil-free' and claims to have 'temperature control technology' and 'oil control'.The instructions say to 'Spray over face in 'X' and 'T' formation. Spray 2-4 times'. The 'X' formation would be to cover what I would describe as your base, whilst the 'T' formation would make sure your T-Zone, eyes and lips are covered.

This product has positives for using when going on holiday. For starters, the 'temperature control technology' means it would make your make up last even in the warmest of days. This made me confident that my make up would stay when I brought it to Spain with me and it did just that. When I am abroad I can find my make up can go a bit funny in the heat but I fortunately did not have this problem when I was using this spray. Another positive for it being used on holiday is that you can buy a travel size for holiday. The travel size has 30ml in it, making it come under the liquid limit so you can pack it in your hand luggage. It ensures easy carrying and will last the duration of your holiday.

The claim of it having 'oil control' is a great sign for those with oilier skin types. Personally, I can get quite an oily T-Zone throughout the day, especially my nose, which means the oil goes through my foundation and can make me look a bit shiny. The oil control part of this spray I do believe helps keep my oil at bay and cancels out the chances of a shiny face; thus meaning I don't have to do some extra powdering later on in the day.

The only part of I don't agree with is the instructions. I only spray it once in a 'X' and once in a 'T', maybe twice each for an extra long day, because I feel more than 2 times is more than necessary. Also, especially when this is only travel size and not full size I don't want to do 3-4 sprays and use it all up quickly!

I really love this product. I definitely find it makes my make up stay in place longer and I always use it when I am on a night out or have a long shift at work. If you're planning to make your make up go from day to night, you might certainly want to consider this. I was worried before I used it that it would feel like hairspray on the face and make my skin tight. However, you don't notice it's there!

It is kind of pricey (particularly for me who is on a budget) at £21.00. The travel size is a better price at £9.00 and is more my area of budget. However, because I love this product so much I would consider spending the full amount on it. I also think this would be a fantastic Christmas present for any beauty lover because not only would it help their make up stay in place, it is a well-known higher-end brand which you can pick your budget for: £9.00 for the travel size or £21.00 for the full price. I will certainly be putting it on my Christmas list so I can replenish mine when it runs out.

Have you used a make up setting spray before? Let me know!

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