Saturday, 21 November 2015

Christmas on a Student Budget | Gifts for: The Toddlers

Hello again!

Here is another student/budget gift guide for you, and this time it is about the toddlers. Like me you might have nieces and nephews to buy for, or you have a little sibling or cousin. If so, this is the little guide for you. Click the product name to be sent to the link for it!

As a side note, I have included two clothing items in this list under 'Boy' and 'Girl'. However, personally I don't see kids clothes as gendered, so why should it be for either sex? But for the point of this guide and what it comes under on their website, I have put a 'Girl' and 'Boy' option.

1. Next Girls Grey Bunny T-Shirt (3mths-6yrs) (£6.00). I think this top is super cute as it has a colourful bunny on it, perfect for the kids who like to name all the animals they can think of and the noises for them.

2. Next Boys White Sketchy Monster Long Sleeved Top (3mths-6yrs) (£4.50-£5.50). I like this because it is long sleeved, so good for the colder months, and it the design on it is pretty cool. Because children are little monsters themselves, right?

3. H&M Soft Toy Cushion (bunny) (£7.99). I promise I don't have a thing for bunnies, I just coincidentally chose two items with them on! This is a cute fluffy pillow in the shape of a bunny's face, making it a lovely gift for the kid's bedroom that they can cuddle up with at night. There are also other animals such as a cat and a polar bear. 

4. Toys 'R' Us Sesame Street Lets Cuddle Elmo (£7.49, was £14.99). An absolute classic kid's toy: The Lets Cuddle Elmo. Sesame Street is one of those programmes that never grows old and every kid deserves a hug from Elmo.

5. Smyths Toys Peppa Pig Colouring Set (£0.99). Peppa Pig is by far one of the most popular kid's TV programme's in the UK right now. I don't know one child that I have encountered that doesn't love Peppa Pig! This is a little colouring set full of pencils, colouring sheets and stickers which is good to promote creativity, keep children occupied and good for having something to do when travelling. 

6. Tesco Galt Toys 4 Puzzles Farm (£5.00). I know my niece loves to do puzzles so I thought of her when I saw this. Again, this is good for the kids who like to name their animals and do the noises on them! This would be an activity that you could do together with the kid which makes it all the more fun! Plus, the puzzles go up in the number of pieces so they would be good for child development as they get older.

I hope this was helpful! Links to my other student/budget gift guides:

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