Thursday, 12 November 2015

Glossybox November 2015

A month ago I made an order on, and when my parcel arrived it came with a voucher for GlossyBox. I had heard about Glossybox plenty of times before by other bloggers but had never gotten one, so when I received this voucher I knew that I wanted to go for it. The voucher plus shipping brought it to £9 something, so how could I resist?

Can we just talk about how beautiful the package is? It makes it even more exciting, untying the ribbon to see what the surprise products are...

Drumroll please...

  • MUA Eyeshadow palette- The idea of having a new make up palette excited me. I knew about MUA but had never tried a product before so this seems like a great one to start! It is full of different colours that ensure you can do a natural look or a party look. Some seem matte and some seem glitter which makes it versatile. It looks like a really nice palette that I will definitely try out, however I've noticed that it looks pretty damn similar to my Sleek 'Storm' palette! A definite dupe. That kind of disappointed me but I will still use nonetheless. This is a bargain at £4.00.

    • Royal Apothic Moisturising Body Lotion- I have never heard of this brand before and I am extremely excited to try it out! It is a moisturising lotion with sweet almond milk in. The packaging is absolutely beautiful and it looks like the perfect pamper product. The full size product is £14.50.

    • Emite Diamond Heart Primer- Another brand I have never heard of! I love primers and have actually been thinking about getting another primer so this was good timing. It is described as lightweight and is apparently peach coloured to balance out skin tone. I am really excited to try this out, especially when the full size is worth £25.90! A nice little luxury product for me to try out.

    • Eylure Naturalites Eyelashes- I was super excited when I saw this because I have just recently gotten into wearing false eyelashes, with the brand I use being Eylure. I had just finished my full lash eyelashes and was going to buy another but fortunately I now have these! I was super pleased with getting these natural volume eyelashes and they are worth £5.00.

    • Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick- Unfortunately this was the downside of the box. When I saw that there was a lipstick I was quite excited as I love lipsticks, especially matte ones like this, but when I saw the colour I was disappointed. Admittedly I don't like the colour and I tried it on but it just looks like foundation on my lips. It doesn't agree with my skin tone but I think I will ask around and see if anyone I know would like it. I really wish I had gotten a different colour! It is a moisturising lipstick with Vitamin E and it is £7.99.

    Overall I really loved my first Glossybox and the whole idea of receiving a mystery box of beauty is exciting. It is a good way to try out new brands, brands you may not have necessarily heard of before, and it can get you to try out things you normally wouldn't even think of buying for yourself. 

    Do you get any subscription boxes?

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