Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Christmas on a Student Budget | Gifts for: The Home Décor Lover

1. Next Alphabet A-Z Cushion (£10.00). These cushions make a good personal gift as you can get a letter to suit the recipient's name. You can also get an '&' one so if you were buying for a couple you could get their initials and a '&'! They're simple looking black and white cushions which means that they would go with plenty of colour themes and look good on a bed or a sofa.

2. Next Set of 4 Drinks Coasters in Holder (£8.00). These coasters make a humorous gift with little jokes on such as 'You look like I need a drink' and 'If you can read this, my drink needs topping up'. I think this would be good for someone who frequently has guests over because guests can use the coasters for their drinks and have a little giggle when they see them. Again, they're simple black and white so would go well with many colour themes.

3. H&M Small Metal Leaf-Shaped Dish (£7.99). I spotted this dish and thought it looked lovely and intricate. I think this would be good to place delicate jewellery on such as rings and would look nice on a vanity table. If the person you're buying for doesn't wear jewellery I also think it would be nice to put your house keys/car keys on so you always remember where you put your keys! Then it could look good in the hallway.

4. H&M 'Books I Haven't Read Yet' Metal Bookend (£7.99). If you're buying for a book lover then this is a brilliant idea. This would look wonderful at the end of a shelf or in a bookcase and can help a book lover separate the books they have and haven't read. I for one sometimes forget which of my collection I've read and which I haven't so this would be super helpful! 

5. Yankee Candle 'Snow In Love' Small Jar Candle (£8.99). Plenty of home décor lovers I know are also big fans of candles so a Yankee Candle had to be in my guide.  Yankee candles are well known around the world and are known to have a lasting smell so a Christmas candle would be great. I chose 'Snow In Love' because I thought the name was quite punny and would be good to buy for someone you love. 

6. Tesco House Cement Sign 'LIFE takes you to unexpected places, LOVE brings you home' (£4.00). Finally, we have this little sign that hangs on a rope which reads 'LIFE takes you to unexpected places, LOVE brings you home'. I'd buy this for a whole range of people such as someone who was a recent home owner and are looking to add small details to their home, or even a young student who has recently moved out of their family home and into university accommodation. 

I hope this is helpful! I also have a student budget gift guide for make up, so if you haven't seen it yet then feel free to click here. :-)

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