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Back in July you may remember that I reviewed a book called Magisterium: The Iron Trial by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare. (click here to read it). Today, I am back with the second book in the series called Magisterium: The Copper Gauntlet.

The Copper Gauntlet begins with Callum  back at home with Havoc the chaos-ridden werewolf and Alaister, Callum's father. The beginning of the book sets the scene which is good as it reminds you of the story so far just in case you've forgotten any details.

One thing I really liked about the second instalment in the Magisterium series is that it delves more into the the character's backgrounds and their personalities. For example, in the book we found out more about Alaister and his personality. We learn about his past and realise just how much he loves his son. Additionally, we also find out more about Callum's best friends, Aaaron and Tamara. They've all grown up very differently: Callum alone with his father, Tamara with a rich family and luxurious household and Aaron without family. In the first book the character of Aaron is very mysterious so it is nice to find out about where he came from and why he is so reluctant to talk about his background.

My favourite character in the book by far is Havoc, Callum's loyal chaos-ridden wolf. He is super cute and makes me want a chaos-ridden wolf for myself! He is completely devoted to Callum, just like dogs in our world are, and if I could have him I totally would.

Likewise to the first book there are elements of the book that reminds me of Harry Potter. I can relate to Aaron to Harry Potter: Aaron without parents, similar to Harry. Aaron then goes to stay with Tamara's family for the summer, just like Harry Potter stays with Ron Weasley's family. This is why I think that people who love the Harry Potter series would also like the Magisterium books because they are similar in some ways, obviously including the fantasy and magic part.

Furthermore I must mention the cover artwork again. They've done it again with the beautiful cover! I like how the first book was covered in cold colours, just like iron (relating to the book's title, 'The Iron Trial') and then in the second book the colours are warm and fiery, just like copper ('The Copper Gauntlet'). You can tell that this has been well thought out which makes the books even more likeable. 

Overall I enjoyed the book. My favourite things about the book is that we get to know the characters better, we see how the 3 best friends work as a team and face challenges together and we also see how Alaister and Callum's father-son relationship is flawed but they finally understand one another in the end. All of these things contribute to actually feeling like I know the characters like actual real life people and I am still hooked on the series. 

As I said above, I would recommend this book to Harry Potter fans. I would also recommend it those who love The Mortal Instruments (written by Cassandra) and the Spiderwick Chronicles (written by Holly). I believe the authors are really good at capturing magic and fantasy together which is a genre I particularly like.

Magisterium: The Copper Gauntlet was published on September 3rd (so it's fairly quite new!) and you can buy it here.

What is your favourite book recently? Let me know!

*This book was sent to me. However, all opinions are 100% my own and I would never lie about liking a product. In this case, I really like the authors of this book because I love The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra and was a big fan of the Spiderwick Chronicles by Holly as a child. So, it would have been a book I probably would have ended up finding and buying anyway!

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