Saturday, 5 September 2015

Annie The Musical

Anyone who knows me well will know that I love musicals. And anyone who knows me extra well will know that one of my favourite musicals is Annie. However, I've never actually seen Annie, it has only ever been on my bucket list.

Well now I can tick that off of my bucket list! When my Mum told me Annie was coming to Bristol and we had tickets I nearly cried. I have been wanting to see Annie ever since I got the film for Easter instead of a chocolate egg as a kid. 

I went to see it with my Mum and my (kind of) step sister. We sat down eagerly for the show with drinks in one hand and Malteasers in the other. The show opened with 'Maybe' where Annie is reading, or singing, the letter her parents gave to her before they left her at the orphanage.

The character of Annie is lively, positive and never afraid to stick up for herself. She meets many people along the way and always brings hope and smiles. She is longing to find her parents but instead ends up adopted by a rich billionaire who gives her the dream life.

My favourite scene in the musical was probably when they sang 'Hard Knock Life'. The kids did an incredible job on it singing and dancing and the actress who was playing Annie had an absolutely phenomenal voice. I also really liked the scene where Annie found Sandy the dog. The dog playing Sandy was so adorable! Every now and then throughout the musical Sandy would run across the stage, as if to be looking for Annie, and every time Sandy did everybody in the audience went 'Awww'. My only issues were that they didn't sing 'Dumb Dog' or 'Sandy' so I assume they were only meant for the film.

As a tap dancer it also made me smile when they had tap dancing! When Annie goes to the theatre for the first time they watch a film where the sailors and sailor girls are tap dancing. The tap dancer in me was bouncing in my seat!

Our seats were in the perfect place and the most excellent view but unfortunately there was a man sat behind us who kept burping and belching! And when I say belching I mean proper throwing up, sicky burps style. Yuck. So unfortunately I spent the whole time feeling like I was getting burped on and having that noise in the background throughout.

If you ever get the chance to see the musical Annie I highly recommend it. If not, I certainly recommend watching one of the films. It is the perfect family musical and it makes you really appreciate child actors. They must put so much hard work into their performances which is amazing as a child!

What is your favourite musical? Let me know!

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