Sunday, 13 September 2015

How I Clean My Make Up Brushes


I realised the other day that there might be people out there who come across my blog that are still in the beginning stages when it comes to make up. I have always assumed that people who read my blog would be experts in beauty but now I realise that might not always be the case.

When I bought my first make up brush I had no idea really that I had to clean it, and if so, how? Thankfully I knew about the wonders of blogging back then so I quickly searched how to clean my make up brushes. This is when I found a post written by Zoella where she had shown how she cleans hers. That post was from a while ago!

First of all I get all of my dirty brushes together and take them to the bathroom. It is best to use warm, but not hot water, as I think hot water can melt the glue that sticks the bristles to the brush and make them shed. It is also best to wash the brushes facing down so the water doesn't get into the glue.

I don't use brush cleansers or alcohol to clean my brushes. Instead, I use hand soap! Specifically, I like to use Dove Beauty Hand Wash. I find this soap is soft, creamy and doesn't dry out my brushes. Plus, it will obviously do the job of removing bacteria as it is an antibacterial soap. Perfect for people who suffer with acne like me!

I then put soap over my brush, being sure to cover the main part that touches my face and the edges around it. I will then work the soap in to the bristles using my fingers, adding water bit by bit to lather it up. Next I will work it in to the palm of my hand, swirling the brush to make sure the soap is getting right into the brush and cleansing it.

Afterwards, I will just put it under the running water and gently squeeze it. You want to keep doing this until the water isn't the colour of your make up products any longer and that when you squeeze it no more soap is coming out of it. The water should be clear and non-soapy.

When that is done, I then wipe dry the handle in case any water has gotten on it and then I need to leave it to dry. To make sure none of the water runs into the glue, it is recommended that you let your brushes dry whilst at an angle facing down. What I do is I put a dry flannel over a small container so I can balance the brushes nicely facing down without getting any water on the container. I find that my Real Techniques brush needs 24 hours to dry whilst my eyeshadow brushes takes a lot less time.

I like to wash my brushes once a week. I will normally do it on a Sunday/Monday straight after I have used them. Some people don't like to do it that frequently but I am really cautious of washing my brushes because I am so prone to getting spots. So the less bad bacteria on my brushes, the better!

So yeah, that is my brush washing process. What is yours??

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