Monday, 28 September 2015

Real Techniques Setting Brush


When it comes to make up brushes, they're actual make up porn when it comes to me. So I'd like to tell you all about the latest brush in my collection: the Real Techniques Setting Brush.             
I had been eyeing it up for a while on FeelUnique so when my boyfriend asked what I wanted for our 2 year anniversary I told him this. He had no idea what the hell it was or what it did, and probably still doesn't, but nevertheless he got it for me.         

As usual with Real Techniques, it is great quality and super soft. The handle is light so it doesn't feel too heavy in your hands and the brush is the perfect small, slightly pointed shape great for using under your eyes and in between the sides of your nose.              

After playing around with it I have decided that I have two different likes for it. I first off like to use it to conceal my under eyes. Before I use my foundation I like to put stripes of my concealer on with its applicator then pat it in with the brush. Next, after applying my foundation and anymore concealer, I then like to use it to apply setting powder to my under eyes. It really is the perfect shape! Finally, I will use the pointed end to set powder in the sides of my nose.  I like to do this because I find the sides of my nose is where I lose foundation coverage the quickest.   

To conclude, I love this brush. It looks beautiful, is a great budget brush and would make a nice gift for a fellow make up lover.

What is your favourite make up brush? Let me know!

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