Thursday, 11 December 2014

#BigBlogmasProject2014 | My Clothing Winter Essentials

Hey guys!

One of the most important things about clothing in winter is that they have to be warm and cosy. I have picked out a few of my most worn items in the winter to show you to you today.

  • Punkyfish: Skull Jumper: I don't think they have this jumper anymore as I bought it on a trip to London back in 2012. This is my favourite jumper it is so warm for winter and the skull is trademark for me with the clothes I wear. I absolutely love it and wear it religiously each year.

  • Blue Banana: Skull Scarf: Continuing on with the skull theme is this scarf. I'm not a 100% sure where this scarf came from as there is no tag on it but I think it is from Blue Banana. A scarf is always essential for winter and it does well at keeping my neck and chest warm.

  • New Look: Checkered/Tartan Leggings: I got these leggings recently from New Look for about £10-£12 pounds and I love them for wearing to Sixth Form. This checkered/tartan pattern is completely on trend in the winter for the past two years and go with a nice black dress or jumper. I couldn't make the pattern of the leggings pick up in the photo of all of the items so I have taken a close up of it here:

  • Primark: Mickey Mouse Slipper Socks: Again, I'm not sure where these came from but I think they were from Primark. They're super cosy and great to put on after a pamper session on a cold and rainy night.

  • Marks & Spencers: Mickey Mouse Onesie: To go with my mickey mouse slipper socks is my favourite Micky Mouse onesie. It is a footless one so it's nice to wear at night time and has draw strings around the waist so it is more fitting than usual onesies and doesn't ride up at night! What tops it off is that it has mickey mouse ears on the hood too. As soon as I get home from a cold and windy day I get in to my warm onesie straight away.

So there we are: A jumper, a scarf, leggings, slipper socks and a onesie. They're my ultimate winter essentials. What are your winter essentials?

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  1. I'm dying. That Mickey Mouse Onesie? I must have it! So cute and so cozy!