Wednesday, 24 December 2014

#BigBlogmasProject2014 | Family Christmas Traditions


Seeing as it is Christmas Eve I thought I would share with you traditions my family have for Christmas.

On Christmas Eve we like to put on some fun music we love whether it is ABBA, Elvis Presley or UB40. We will have a dance around and set up presents under the tree.

As for Christmas Day I get up at 9 AM and open presents in my Mum's room which are in my stocking. We then have croissants and bucks fizz for breakfast before going in to the living room and opening presents under the Christmas tree. After all of those are open we will then open the big main presents!

Afterwards, we have Christmas dinner which is homemade beautifully by my Nan following a homemade Christmas cake which I sometimes make. We will then settle down and watch some Christmas films.

After that, I then go to my Dad's house and repeat the whole process all over again!

What are your family Christmas traditions? Let me know!

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