Thursday, 31 July 2014

Collection Lasting Perfection Powder Review!


Due to my skin tanning I had to buy some darker make up to go with my new skin colour. I usually use Seventeen's Miracle Matte Powder but I couldn't find it in store! So instead I decided to try out Collection's Lasting Perfection Powder seeing as I already use and love the Lasting Perfection foundation and concealer.

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The product claims to be a long lasting 16 hour wear powder and it comes with a mirror and sponge. I like the packaging for the powder as it looks protective but I don't like the system where you have to flip the powder up to get to the mirror. This means that when you're applying the powder it can be annoying to have to keep flipping between them! I'd prefer for the mirror to be opposite the powder on the lid.

The sponge is just a basic sponge. I personally don't like to use it and find it a bit pointless but I leave it in there just in case!

Apart from those negative points, I really like this powder. It has been my saviour during the hot and humid weather as I like to apply it over my foundation and concealer to cover up the shine! I find it does cover up shine, mattifies my face and lasts alright through the heat and through sweat. I find I only have to apply it when I first put it on and then only have one touch up during the day.

This powder takes me through day to night and goes so well with the foundation and concealer within the range! You can however only get it in 3 shades: Fair, Medium and Dark. I chose the Medium colour!


  • Lasts long
  • Matte finish
  • Covers up shine
  • Lasts through heat and sweat
  • Doesn't need too many touch ups
  • Packaging is strong and protective
  • Affordable price


  • Sponge seems unnecessary
  • Annoying to have to flip between the mirror and powder
  • Limited shade range

Overall I love this powder and will probably buy it again instead of my Seventeen Miracle Matte powder. It goes great with the matching concealer and foundation and I would certainly recommend it to my friends! You can buy it at the affordable price of £4.19

What do you think? Let me know!

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