Wednesday, 5 February 2014

New Pentagram Choker from RegalRose!

Hey BumbleBeas!

As you may have already seen, I am a big fan of the online jewellery shop RegalRose.
As I have exams all week I decided I would treat myself to the new pentagram choker I wanted.
Two days after ordering, it arrived!

It is a beautiful small choker with a pentagram on and the choker is black velvet. So pretty!
Here is a close up:
I have only put it on once and it took me a while to put on as the clasp is so fiddly! I am sure I will get used to it though.

Here is the photo off the RegalRose website:
I think I am starting to have a thing for chokers now!

What do you think? Do you own any chokers or items from RegalRose? Let me know!

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