Thursday, 6 February 2014

January Instagram Round Up!

Hey BumbleBeas!

I know this is a bit late but I have done a round up of my Instagram photos from January.
So let's see! What did I do?

  • I did some reading: Insurgent and Allegiant (which by the way are brilliant books!)
  • I got my new phone and new phone case. So kawaii!
  • I painted my nails twice: I did crocodile nails and some random doodling!
  • I went shopping: I got some lovely new beauty items from Boots and bought myself a new top from New Look.
  • I got new bedding: Just look at those zebra stripes!
  • I won a competition and entered another: Those nail polishes are ones I had one in a competition and I got to pick the four I wanted! Obviously I liked them. Also, you can see I entered another competition for some nail stickers.
  • I took my niece to the park: It was her first time at the park and the first time in a swing. So cute!
  • I shared my lip balm collection: Is that something to proud of or ashamed of?
  • I took a selfie
  • I filmed myself dancing
  • I shared my love for Supernatural: Just look at Sam Winchester!
What did you do in January? What's your Instagram? I am @BrionyBea

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