Monday, 10 February 2014

Lush: Karma Solid Perfume Review!

Hello BumbleBeas!

Today I am going to share with you a review I wrote about a year ago on an old tumblr blog about Karma solid perfume from Lush. Enjoy!
Product: Karma Solid Perfume
Who Would I Buy It For? As a treat for myself or as a small fairly inexpensive present for a friend.
Smell: I am really fond of it. A citrus smell
Would I Buy It Again: Possibly, but probably not. Perhaps as an easy present for a friend though.
Good For: Keeping in your bag for a quick touch up of perfume. Small and easy to have in your bag whilst easy to apply.
When I use this product, I rub it on my neck and on my wrists. However, sometimes it leaves an orange smear which I have to rub in.
I quite like the smell. Despite this, I feel like it fades too quickly for my liking and I would have to top it up repeatedly in the day.
It lasts for a long time and I still have loads of mine left even though I have owned it since February. I use it when I cannot be bothered to spritz on perfume as it is quick and easier.
I love how individual it looks and can become a talking point with friends when they ask about it. When I first got it (present from sister) we couldn't work out how to make it pop up! It took us 10 minutes to realise you had to push from the bottom. What annoys me is that you have to push down on it to get it back down which leaves an orange smear on your finger.
Overall this product doesn't amaze me yet I don’t hate it. If it was on sale I might buy it again but I would prefer to try other solid perfumes first.
I think I will stick to liquid perfumes instead!
Rating: 5/10

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