Monday, 17 February 2014

Lush: Rose Queen Bath Bomb Review!

Hello BumbleBeas!
Product: Rose Queen bath bomb
Who would I buy it for? A female friend
Rating: 4/10
I’ve read many negative reviews on this bath bomb and I'm afraid I'm going to be adding to them. I recieved this as a present from my sister and was eager to use it for a relaxing bath as I was sick. It fizzed out fairly quickly and turned the water a shade of pink. It was actually a better colour than the one the photos represent so don’t be fooled by it. What made it so different to other bath bombs was that it actually also released real parts of a flower in to the bath. I thought it would be rose petals and such but it was evident it wasn’t a rose.
There were more bits in the bath shown in the photos and they included a flower head, bits of stem, petals and various other things I wasn’t sure of. Although I was in the bath for an hour and a half those bits annoyed me and would tickle my skin! Also when I pulled the plug out not all of it went down the plug hole so I reluctantly had to pick bits out of the bath and plug hole to put in the bin.
My skin was smelling alright of flowers but I wouldn’t buy this product ever again nor would I buy it for anybody else. It wasn’t the worst bath in the world but it certainly wasn’t the best.
Have you used this bath bomb? What did you think? Let me know!

*please note this review was written about a year ago on my old tumblr blog*

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  1. Very informative post! I love lush but haven't tried this will remember to give it a miss! Thanks for following my blog :) have followed yours back :)