Thursday, 13 February 2014

Maybelline Dream Fresh 8-in-1 BB Cream Review!

Hello BumbleBeas!

I have been using this BB Cream for about 3 weeks now which I think is a good amount of time to be able to write a fair review. So let's begin!

This BB Cream comes in 3 shades and can be used with or without moisturiser. It comes in a large tube and is only £7.99 from Boots!

  • It is lightweight
  • Doesn't make you orange and matches your skin colour
  • Doesn't take a lot to use on your face
  • Is moisturising
  • Looks like you have no make up on 
  • Easy to apply and doesn't take much skill
  • Makes your skin glow
  • Has SPF 30
  • Feels fresh
  • Looks smooth
  • Doesn't collect in to make up lines in creases

  • DOESN'T hide imperfections/scars/acne
  • Using too much makes your skin shiny

As you can see below, on the back of the tube it names 8 things it supposedly does which I have mostly either said works or not. I'd say altogether it does 6/8 of those things.

If you're like me and suffer acne, have redness and scarring on your face then this isn't for you to use solely by itself. Although I find it makes my skin look smoother and natural like I have no make up on, it does not hide imperfections. 

The good thing about this product though is that when there's a day where you can't be bothered to wear a full face of make up but want your face to look smooth, this is a good product. For me personally, when I am staying at home I will put this all over my face then just add my usual concealer to the parts I really want to conceal.

On a daily use, I use a part of it. I don't use foundation and only use concealer on areas I want to hide (which funnily enough is most of my face) however I will use this on my eyelids, above my eyelids and across my cheekbones. Having it across my cheekbones kind of gives it a glow (only with a small amount) and I use it on my eyelids as my eyelids are prone to have make up lines in the creases. 

Overall I only recommend this for people who are lucky enough to have flawless skin and want to go for a natural look. I also recommend it for those days where you don't want a full face of make up.

I will continue using this product until it runs out but I won't be quick to buy another. Perhaps I will for my eyelids and under my eyebrows but other than that I am not 'wowed' by it.

Rate: 7/10

What do you think? Have you used this product? Let me know!


  1. I found that this HAD to be set with a finishing spray and translucent powder otherwise it would move throughout the day. Another thing I found not so great was the limited colour range. But other than that, it was okay! great post! :) xoxo

    Emily ⎜