Thursday, 22 October 2015

Nails | Halloween Spider Webs


Halloween is my favourite time of the year. As a lover of all things alternative, Halloween means I can wear the things I normally like to wear without standing out too much. If it has a skull on it, I want it! But anyway, one of my favourite things is that I get to do some Halloween nail art.

First I put on a base coat, where I used the Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat. Then, I did two coats of Models Own Coconut Cream to give me an opaque white base. I made sure I gave this half an hour to dry so I wouldn't smudge it when I went to draw on the spider webs.

To draw the spider webs, I used the BarryM Black Nail Art Pen. I find this is the easiest way to do this as it is just like a pen. however a striper (a thinner nail brush) can do the same job. I start off by drawing 3 semi 'circles' with three straight lines. I then use the little corners of the edges of the lines to determine where the lines of the web are going to go through. I do 3 of these. It is really difficult to explain in words, so it is easier to just look at the photo.

When using black on white it is SO important that you let it dry completely before applying a top coat. Otherwise, you will smudge the black into the white and ruin your design! To avoid this I actually did these nails at night time and went to sleep afterwards so the black had all night to fully dry and then I did the top coat when I woke up. I understand this may not be possible for everyone, but I really cannot stress enough how important it is to let the black completely dry.

That's it! Spider webs are my favourite design to do at Halloween as it is easy to do and because it is only made up of lines it is easier to do on the other hand where you need to use your non-dominant hand to draw them. 

What have you done on your nails for Halloween? Let me know!

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