Sunday, 30 August 2015

The Body Shop Body Scrubs

It is true that my favourite body scrubs (bar Rub, Rub, Rub from Lush) come from The Body Shop. The Body Shop are certainly experts when it comes to skincare and I always trust them to create great body scrubs.

I like to use body scrubs regularly to exfoliate. My favourite time to use them is in the shower before I shave, ensuring I get a smooth, close shave when any dead skin have been scrubbed away.

Here are the ones I currently have in my collection:

  • Mango Body Scrub- This is seriously my favourite right now. This is my second tub of this and I have not smelt anything better. It smells incredible, seriously! 

  • Chocomania Body Scrub- An oldie of mine but it definitely smells like chocolate. Perfect for those who want to rub chocolate all over their bodies (without eating it of course)

  • Cranberry Joy Body Polish- These body polishes are slightly different to the body scrubs but still do the same job. If you find body scrubs too harsh on your skin then these might be a better choice for you. This is a limited edition Christmas product but it smells delicious.

  • Vanilla Bliss Body Polish- I really like the vanilla shower gel so I'm sure I will like this one. I think this may also be a limited edition product, or was just discontinued, but it is worth keeping an eye out for over Christmas!

So that's it! Body scrubs will always be apart of my routine now so when I eventually finish these I will be sure to get more. Body scrubs usually make an appearance in my collection during Christmas or my birthday but for now I am sorted!

What's your favourite body scrub? Let me know!

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