Saturday, 8 August 2015

Bristol International Balloon Fiesta

The Bristol International Balloon Fiesta is the biggest Balloon Fiesta in Europe. It is a 4 day event in Bristol, UK which is in its 37th year. They have stands, attractions, events such as people jumping out of planes, doing acrobatics on them etc as well as of course having hot air balloons. 

In the day time the hot air balloons will have an inflation race where they will see who can get out into the arena and inflate their balloons first. Then in the evening you can see them lift off in to the sky and fly over Bristol which is quite a lovely sight to see. Then, at night time they have something called the night glow. This is when all the balloons are on the ground and light up their fires like a dance to a number of songs. This may sound odd and maybe even boring by word but honestly it is such a fun experience, it is beautiful to see and good to have a dance to. Lastly, the night finishes with fireworks timed to music.

I have been going to the fiesta since a child most years and yesterday I went with my brother and his girlfriend. I took some photos to show you and I will share the experience with you so you can see what the fiesta is like. It is a fun family fiesta that always guarantees a good day out and it is certainly loved by us Bristolians. 

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