Saturday, 1 August 2015

6 Uses of Cotton Buds for Make Up

Everyday that I do my make up, I will use a cotton bud to help me. In fact, I have 6 ways of using a cotton bud in my  make up routine and I thought I would share those 6 uses of cotton buds for make up with you. 

1. To Smudge Eyeshadow. If I am using eyeshadow, particularly for a bolder eye make up, I use cotton buds for two reasons. If I have accidentally gone too far up or too far outwards with my eyeshadow, I will use a cotton bud to take some away. This may also involve a drop of Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water to help get it off. Also, I use a cotton bud to help to blend eyeshadow. If I am blending eyeshadow in my crease, sometimes using a cotton bud can be easier than getting out a blending brush.

2. To Remove Mascara. You know when you're doing your mascara and you accidentally smudge a bit on to your skin, or if you sneeze and it just goes everywhere? Yeah, that happens to me all the time. To fix this, I wait until it has completely dried then I use a cotton bud to swipe it and the mess comes right off. I use a dry cotton bud otherwise it just makes the smudge worse. It is a pretty quick way of fixing the issue! I also do this if I end up with a clump of mascara on my eyelashes.

3. Wrinkles. I must admit, I've got a fair few deep set wrinkles around my eyes. I always experience the problem of make up, foundation specifically, building up in my wrinkles and making them more obvious. To fix this, I swipe a dry cotton bud gently through my wrinkles to take out the build up of product then gently smooth it over with my fingertip to take away any harsh lines. Try it, it works!

4. Eyebrows. I ALWAYS end up with foundation in my eyebrows and it makes them look paler. It even affects the way my eyebrows look even when I try to cover it up with tinted eyebrow products. To fix this, I apply my Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water to a cotton bud and swipe it through my eyebrows. I go from every angle imaginable to make sure there is no foundation left in my eyebrows. They're then ready to be filled in.

5. Lips. Whilst my cotton bud is still wet with make up remover, I will also swipe it over my lips. Again, I'm messy at applying foundation and will end up with the typical foundation lips. This can be a pain as it can cause rolls of foundation to form on my lips and make any lipstick look a bit yucky. So before I apply my lip product, I will use the cotton bud to take off foundation on my lips. Clever huh?

6. Piercings. Sticking with the messy application of foundation, when I am blending it towards my ear I can occasionally get some foundation on my tragus piercing. If you don't know what a tragus piercing is, google it. It is a cartilage piercing but is by wear your ear meets your face if that makes sense. Anyway, I will use a cotton bud to get any foundation on it off.

So there you go! My 6 uses of cotton buds when doing my make up. You can now tell I am kind of messy when it comes to applying make up. 

What do you use cotton buds for? Let me know!

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